"Are We Sluts?"

Yesterday I was watching my favorite "Sex In The City" episode, "Are We Sluts?"  Here's a rundown of the episode :: Carrie is wondering why her new love interest Aidan's won't make the move to sleep with her after only a week and a half of dating.  Samantha is accused of being a "slut" because she has company after hours on a daily basis, and someone in her building gets robbed because one of her friend's lets the prep in.  Charlotte is having sex with a guy that whenever he climaxes, he yells out inappropriate slurs. Miranda finds out she has chlamydia, and she doesn't know how she contracted the disease. Her doctor suggest that she contacts every sexual partner she's ever had. This of course forces the foursome starts to question themselves, "Are We Sluts?"

I'm pretty sure we've all been put on the spot with guys and even friends, asking us how many partners we've had. I honestly don't see why the question is asked so often. I mean, I can honestly say that I can count all of my partners on my hands, but that doesn't necessarily make me a slut because my number is greater than 4? I've had several guys tell me that they won't mess with a chick if she's had more than 6-8 partners. Crazy huh? I don't get why females have to have limitations on how many guys they can give the goods too. Dudes can sleep with how many ever chicks they want to and its all good. He's considered to have game cause he's smashing all these chicks. If the tables were turned and the female is the one smashing all these dudes, she's a slut or a hoe. How is that fair? Now there are girls who are just plain out sluts. You the know the ones who smash 3-4 dudes in the same crew, family members, or anybody who looks their way. They can't help it. They're okay with the fact that they are sluts and they don't plan to change that.  

Now Carrie was going crazy with the fact that this sexy man wouldn't act on any of the sexual advances she made to him. He was so perfect but yet he wouldn't sleep with her. After telling her girlfriend's about it, Samantha of course questioned his sexuality. She said he was gay, while Carrie defended him by saying he wasn't. Later she admitted it had only been a week and a half of dating. Samantha told her that there was a small window of time that a woman must sleep with a man or she will be put in a "friend" category. Is that true? So basically we have to give up the goods within a certain period or will can forget about any chance of a real relationship? What about the chicks with a 3month rule? Do those girls still exist? Carrie was eager to give it up to this fine man. Does that make her a slut? Sometimes women just need it, nothing more, nothing less. If she decides to give it to a new guy is that a slut? What if she chooses to give it to her ex-boyfriend? What does that make her then?

Nowadays, people are so concerned with what others think of them. If I honestly cared and listened to everything people said or thought about me or my actions, I would be miserable. Who cares? At the end of the day its going to be you alone with yourself and you have to be able to be satisfied with yourself and do things that make you happy. If you like to get d!cked down by different guys weekly, that's your business. Who cares if someone else views you a slut, as long as your practicing safe sex more power to you.   

Honestly, what is an acceptable number of partners for a man and a woman to have? Is there a time frame a woman/man should wait to have sex with a new partner? What would make a person (male or female) a slut?  Let me know what you think! 


Anonymous said...

why not...

NAUGHTY L-O said...

What is the real definition of a slut? I feel as if nobody can define nobody And nobody can judge ! Honestly i cant count on 2 hands the amount of partners i've had and i done smashed a couple out the crew but in no way shape or form i consider myself a slut ! My intentions are always good i just think im misunderstood ! I know its so many people out there who would consider me a slut if they knew my track record, but hey who are they to tell me what i am ? nd honestly i could give 2 fuckx about what the next got to say ! why is everybody so concerned about who fuckin who ! worry about yourselves and the world be a much better place ! GOOD DAY ! signed NAUGHTY L-O

MissThirty2 said...

@Naughty L-O : I definitely agree with you, it shouldn't matter. It's so crazy how people are so quick to call somebody a slut simply based on the number of partners they've had. I decided a long time ago not to care what others think or say. If I did, I would just as miserable as those one that are too busy judging me. Thanks for commenting.

Amber Lee. said...

IMO when it comes to relationships and dating/body counts thats something that needs to be discussed with your partner..

When Carrie first started dating Aiden I remember them saying he was gay.. in a way if a guy doesn't try to fcuk me on sight i think something is wrong too. im not saying i want to eff every man i meet but if he doesn't try or make a move or hint i will think hes opposite of straight.

When it comes to sluts and hoes/ smashing this person and that person its your choice i will never judge someone based off of that. some ppl just like sex. men can bang out 67 girls and a chick can bang 7 guys and shes going... that's society though. as long as you wrap it up and your practicing safe sex eff what society thinks.

Anonymous said...

This is why people have aids and have diseases because of women like you

Xay B. said...

I have to put down my perception into this as a man.

Let me first start out by saying it is never EVER okay or justified to let a guy from the same crew smash. It doesn't matter if you've only been with two guys before. You're labeled in that crew for life.

I will say this. It's not fair, but this is life. You can complain the double standard, but it's not going to go away. Either you rise above it, embrace it and do what you want, or adhere to it.

It's unfair (I know) that we go by numbers, but the best way to deal with this (with a guy) is to run at him with the same question.

If he asks...then you ask. Make him answer first. Unless he is lame...if he says under 10 he's either a lame or lying. If he won't answer, then you don't either. If he gives you an honest number tell any number less than half the number he gives you.

Sounds deceitful...yes, but with men it's a sense of value. He's going to ask, but he really doesn't want to know. If he really likes you this conversation won't go much further after this.

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MissThirty2 said...

@Anonymous - The reason why people have diseases and AIDS is because they are not educated about sex. I practice safe sex and I get tested on the regular. If you read in the text, you would have seen it said "as long as your practicing safe sex, more power to you." I'm a firm advocate of safe sex. Thanks for commenting! :)

@Xay B Smashing homies isn't something that I've done, but sometimes it can be the case of not knowing. Especially if its not somebody you're with on a daily basis.

I do accept that there will always be double standards. It sucks but its something that we will have to live with.

I definitely agree that there is a sense of value. I'm honestly not ashamed of my number. I definitely don't think its up there with some other females I know. Actually, I'm proud of my number. lol Thanks for commenting.