Lil Mama vs The breakfast club

I'm not the biggest Lil Mama fan at all but I respect her after this interview. I hate that she was attacked by New York's Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club co-cost, "Charlamagne the God." Although I am not a New Yorker I listen to the show faithfully on my phone with a radio app. Charlamagne is known for "going in" on people but this was overboard. I think its cowardly when others try to break people down. Its a sign of weakness and insecurities within oneself. Who cares if the girl is over confident for nothing, resembles  Bow Wow or has wack music. She's human. She is obviously talented enough to grab a record deal and face time on that MTV dancing show. I was glad she tried to hold her own, but after the attacks she finally broke. Is this not a form of bullying? Yeah I'm almost positive it is. Its quite disturbing. I stopped laughing after the 2nd joke. Watch the video below. She talks about running on stage with Jay Z, her Nicki Minaj "beef" and her lack of music.


Jason said...

I found this video uncomfortable to watch but this is what Charlemegne does. He has been fired from a few stations for going in on people.

If you think this is bad check for his interview with Cassie when he was on the air in Philly, she got through it but you can tell by the tone of her voice he broke her down.


Amber Lee. said...

wow im almost afraid to watch cassies. i know he was fired previously and he used to be the protege of wendy williams... so i can only imagine the stuff he said. but everyone knows charlamagne is not the most attractive person, so its insane that people let him get away talking reckless. i was happy that lil mama was throwing jabs back.