Cleaning out the closet.

We keep dresses that we will never wear again but we throw away boyfriends. Taboo?
It seems like when your dating someone you can easily love everything about them, but as soon as you call it quits you hate the very room they once stood in.

 I have an ex boyfriend who is actually one of my bestfriends in the entire world. We were friends previously before trying to date, so luckily for us it was easy for us to remain friends. I think I have tried my hardest to remain cordial with all of my ex moments. I mean I did have feelings for these men at one point of time, so why hate them now? Its seems as if once the relationship is over we try to erase all memories of that person as if they never existed. So my question to you is would it better to try to remain friends with an ex or move on and forget?


Ashley said...

I think that its easier to remain friends if sex wasn't involved. I feel when you have sex, and it was good, I feel you will always think about giving it another try. I'm coo with all my ex's but the ones that were sex partners, it seems like there is something always lingering over our heads. I think the sexual attraction is something that will alway be there.

Monique said...

I make it a point to try and stay friends with exes but I won't push it I see they aren't being receptive to it. I only have one ex that absolutely hates my guts for breaking up with him *he was way too negative*.

Amber No Rose said...

Ashley - I dont really agree. I've had sex and remained friends. I think as long as you both are over it then you can be friends

Monique - I think I have one ex that its impossible to be friends with bc he still has feelings and it annoys me. But I agree Im not pushing it either. I just think trying to be friends and remain cordial is the adult thing to do.