About ANR

 Amber No Rose is a blog in which is upheld and created by blogger Amber Lee. The twenty three year old go getter is very driven and opinionated. Besides blogging she is a spoken word artist and has hopes of publishing a novel in the near future. She started the site in 2008 as a way to express herself and simply voice her opinion.
ANR has added the talents and likes from contributing bloggers Amber Yum and MissThirty2

Amber Yum is a 23 year old Brooklyn, NY native with strong interests in music and all things aesthetic. She is more than elated to contribute her opinions, tips, tricks, and every day occurrences to ANRAmber Yum also manages her own personal blog here. 

MissThirty2 is the spice of the blog. She is currently pursing her education and majoring in business management. She is very open to her sexuality and loves stir up conversations by her raunchy, yet truthful topics. The purpose of her contributions and posts are to give you a more sexual and flirty outlook on life.She keeps it real at all times, and doesn't care what you think. Also check out Miss Thirty2's personal blog.

The sole purpose of Amber No Rose is to be an outlet to reach others, as well as keeping readers intrigued with more than just celebrity gossip. ANR is the voice of the everyday woman,because we know that women have layers and we are more than just hair and makeup. We try to discuss topics that will keep our readers engaged such as, relationships, sex, beauty, fashion, music, sports and world news topics. The vision of ANR is to celebrate and uplift women. Every woman is a rose, but beware of her thorns.