thy kingdom come.. thy will be done

my cousin died today
im not in a good mood at all
im tired of crying.
i know they say death comes in threes..BUT DAMN i just lost my uncle a week ago

i dont need any comments really. im no charity case.

just pray for my family

lifes short..tell everyone that u love that you love them.
no grudges
no regrets
carpe diem!


Amber-Alert said...

never take life for granted!!!

u will be in my prayers...and its not abt being a charity case u need support systems when going thru stuff like this...

♥Nikki Ms.Healthy KISSES♥ said...

I will pray for your Family. Stay strong Beautiful :)
GOD Bless♥

Shyne said...

I feel what you said about tellin the ones you love that you love'em cause I've been in a fix like yours. I lost an Unk then in the very next week I lost another. I feel your pain.

☆αmbєr said...

thanks everyone for the support :)

Miss Wilson said...

Don't know you, but I prayed for you, God bless mama

☆αmbєr said...

thank u theresa