Your lips keep moving but all i hear is blah blah blah

I woke up on my bathroom floor. Not a good look. My dad was like Amber whats wrong with you. I know he thinks im pregnant. (im not!!!) Minutes prior i was throwing up my lungs while holding on the wall and sink in my bathroom. He had dropped me off at 8am. Im not a morning person and never will be. My head was pounding. He's talking about some damn sausages. i DONT eat pork.. i rudely told him. I woke up to him holding me. I hate that. I think i should of been born a guy. Im the most unaffectionate girl you will ever meet. (minus my unaffectionate ass bestfriends)I saw the goose bottle empty laying on the table. Condom wrapper laying next to my clothes that were scattered across the floor. WDF? I didnt remember shit. He picked me up from my house around 10pm. He got me card. I remember laughing. It was cute.. i cant remember a guy ever just giving me a card for no reason. We went downtown to the bars. We went to 5 of them. Non stop drinking, kissing and laughing. We went to this bar called The Tiki Bob and he buys $10.00 shots of death. . I never had it but he insisted i tried it. Im no punk so i'll try anything once. The bartender couldnt believe we really wanted "this shit" his exact words. He gave us 6 chasers and watched us. I said are you about to watch me drink this? He said, "hell yeah i cant believe your about to drink it." (so now im nervous) Took the shot and screamed. Yeah i screamed in the bar. Great way to get all eyes on me. After going to the restroom to pee for the 8th time, we FINALLY left. We went to a couple more bars and proceeded to my hangout spot --->"Broadripple" (where its nothing but drunk cops, drunk white people, cheap drinks and $5.00 bars) I love it. So we drive there and its a ghost town. Well hell it was only midnight. I tell him i wanna go home and i wake up, annoyed with him "holding" me. I ended my one year celibacy. [bitter/sweet]
That was my Friday.

*I tried to do that whole Alicia Keys (like u never see me again type thing) Sorry if your confused.*

So i think i'm done drinking for awhile. I cant recall having a hangover this bad. Ive only felt this way once before (Ashleys 20th but i drunk damn near a bottle of goose. but i didnt throw up. Im saying no to drugs (weed) and alcohol for awhile. I hate the morning after!


Katrina said...

Woah, at least it sounded like you had fun. Im such a light weight when it comes to alcohol. Jerrid used to love it cuz he would only need like 2 bucks to get me hammered and take me home back before we got serious (that jerk! lol). He doesnt drink tho and now I stopped drinking but that death shot you talked about got me kind o curious. What the hell is it!? I dont know if I could down it, but Im curious as hell about it! hahaha

Tan Man said...

LOL damn what a night.
I wanna try that shot.
Swear u were jus tellin me you were celibent (sp?) well atleast you didn't have to wait til

Dope Fiend said...


U got dick before me! im so fucking jealous!!!!


um who is he? what have i missed. excuse me whilst i go back a few blog posts.

☆αmbєr said...

hahahahaha i never wrote about him. its a guy i used to talk to in high school. hahha u are effin siily.

Kofi Bofah said...

Not Good...