scattered thoughts

☆I dont want to return any of his phone calls or text messages. (prior post)
☆im so used to not being happy.. when i am happy i expect something bad?
☆Yay Solange's video T.O.N.Y. is the mtv jam of the week!! And I might be going to Chicago this week to see her in concert. =)
☆Two Videos i love to watch are
kid cudi - day and night
Kanye West - welcome to heartbreak
☆Teedra Moses is one of the most slept on artist. Her cd Complex Simplicity pretty much sums my complex ass life.. its therapeutic
☆Why is the time of day with the slowest traffic called rush hour?
-And why do i always find my impatient ass in the rush hour traffic?

☆Isn't Justin Timberlake is the finest white man alive?
☆Why is the alphabet in that particular order and why isn't it in that order on the keyboard?
☆Beyonce is a diva we all know that but i like her sister Solange better.
Numerology damn interesting to me
☆Why does 99.99% of EVERYONE think they are cute, sexy, fine, that dude, that chick.. has swag.. ie. yet your ugly, no one knows you and your dusty?
☆Can vegans eat animal crackers?
☆why do people label other people weird because they are actually creative and an individual instead of conforming to society's standards?
☆Can you cry under water?

☆My biggest celeb crushes are Chingy (yes Chingy), Trey Songz, Tyga, Derek Luke, Juelz Santana, Travis McCoy and Jackie Long. Pure sexiness. [minus the host of athletes i adore]
☆My female crushes are Lauren London, Adriana Lima, Reagan Gomez, and Kerry Washington NO HOMO =)

☆why is there a liquor store on every corner? ..rhetorical
☆Whats the point of being insecure?
-"The prettiest people do the ugliest things" -Kanye to the.
Speaking of Kanye.. why is he so damn arrogant yet thats why i love him so?
☆Why has VH-1 become a reality dating service for artist who fell off the map?
☆why did Erykah Badu and Andre 3000 break up? They were so perfect for each other.
☆Why do we have leap years
☆why do people get famous off of youtube and sextapes?
☆Lauryn Hill REALLY NEEDS TO get her shit together and bless us with a new cd!
☆why do ppl drink before going out to drink?
☆Why THE EFF did Sister Souljah kill my thoughts of what my perfect version of Midnight looked like (in The Coldest Winter Ever) by putting that whack ass pewney ass dude on the cover of her book Midnight?

☆why do ppl with kids only talk about their kids and expect ppl without kids to care?
☆why is everybody trying to act brand new? isn’t that being fake?
☆why do girls gel down they’re edges? It CANT be baby hair when your 20+ yrs old!!!
☆When will people realize having too much pride will only hurt you?
☆Why do ppl with ugly feet wear flip flops & sandals?
why do people think these commercial ass rappers are the best rappers alive? anyone can put similes and adjectives together. -I'll give you Jay but Lupe, Common, Nas, Talib, Mos Def.. they are the best rappers alive. listen and learn something.
☆why do i know more about celebrities lifes then my own "friends and families?" just sad.
☆when will guys notice that the thuglife look is whack? Gold teeth, braids and saggin is soooo played. Sorry Plies. you disgust me.

☆why is twitter so damn stupid yet i love it and im addicted?
☆why is "Superhead" coming out with YET ANOTHER BOOK! She isnt playing about her 15 minutes!
☆When will people realize that being smart is actually okay. Its "cool" to be smart and have the ability to hold an intellectual and stimulating conversation
☆"Tell me something.. Where ya boss at?" -Beyonce
Why is it so hard to grow up but so easy to act childish?
☆Why does Ashanti laugh after every sentence she says?
☆Am i the only one who hates watching 106 & Park because of Rocsi?
☆Fashion wise.. gotta love Solange, Zoe Kravitz, Rihanna, The Simmons Girls, Estelle, Kerry Washington and Kanye.
☆BUT why does every girl look like watered down versions of Rihanna? Hair cut, star and roman numeral tattoos. And every dude is walking around looking like mini Kanyes? Be yourself. DAMN
☆Why does every BLACK girl think they can model and damn near every BLACK dude think he can rap?
☆Doesn't the Obamas give us loveless people hope?
-Love especially black love is a beautiful thing.


tris. said...

i heart solange.
when her album came out i almost died from happiness.
she's so fuckin dope.
i believe the keyboard is in an order according to the letters most commonly typed.
or some shit like that.
yeah that just killed my midnight dreams.
he was supposed to be this tall dark chocolatey roughneck sexgod.
and drinkin before drinkin is PREGAMIN!!
thats the best part.

tysofly said...

ahhhhh i love question posts like this. cept for i hardly have any answers. lol.
i love teedra. i love that album. it is honestly one of the best r&b albums i've heard.
and GURLLLLLL justin is fine. he could get it! haha

"Why does 99.99% of EVERYONE think they are cute, sexy, fine, that dude, that chick.. has swag.. ie. yet your ugly, no one knows you and your dusty?" <-- HAHAHA! wow i could relate to this, i know some people who just think they are IT. but reality is they are NOBODY, just wanna beeez!

idk whats goin on with females and this baby hair, i thought that mess died in the 90s!! lolol

"why do i know more about celebrities lifes then my own "friends and families?" just sad." <-- my life. i swear. i know more about celebs than my own fam & friends too.


raunWEEZY said...

lol i tried to answer almost all these questions... sooo here we go...

Teedra Moses is most definitely one of the slept on artist of our time...

Lol rush hour should be changed to "if you have somewhere to be, plan to be late... hour" but why is rush hour only one hour? if anything it can be rush hours maybe??

The keyboard alphabet is dumb... thats all i can think of

99.99% of EVERYONE think they are cute, sexy, fine, that dude, that chick.. has swag.. BECAUSE if they dont say they have it... no one else will

I think vegans can eat animal crackers... unless they are extremely hardcore... lol

people label other people weird because theyre scared that they in fact may be lame...

Can you cry under water? I think the real question is do u still shed tears under water lol

My female crushes are Lauren London, Adriana Lima, Reagan Gomez, and Kerry Washington.. i think we can be friends... hahaha

damn i theres too many questions lol i might have to make a new post to reply to the rest

Velly Vell said...

(Can vegans eat animal crackers?)
i laughed really hard at that one lol

this reminded me of how vibe has the 21 questions thing in their magazine

these were good questions (for the most part lol)

im feelin the layout

☆αmbєr said...

@P.i.P. - yeah i know u love Sol-Sol too. isnt she a breath of fresh air? And i soooooooo agree. In my mind he's a roughneck sex god too! lol

@Ty - thanks for answering my random questions. i love your blog too!

@Raun Weezy - " BECAUSE if they dont say they have it... no one else will.." I guess thats the self esteem trying to shine through everyone.

@Vell - thanks hun

Ms. Naomie said...

i love this post. i have many of the same questions!

& i'm def tired of ppl sleeping on teedra!!

lmfao @ all black girls modeling & guys rapping real talk that shit is starting to irk my nerves!!

i like the blog =)

Kofi Bofah said...

Talking Talking Talking Talk.
---Kanye West

We want you to be happy.

Everybody has their own taste.

Plies disgusts you - but some women love him.

Same with your picks of Juelz Santana, etc.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

☆αmbєr said...

Thanks Naomie

& Kofi.. wdf are u talking about?? shut up! im pretty sure these are MY THOUGHTS.. of course everyone wouldnt agree with my crushes.. keyword was MY and i said "I THINK" Plies is disgusting. so who cares what u or anyone else thinks.

PJP said...

Haha Some of Them Lines Had Me Rollinnnnn ! ")

... But on The Rappers One ... Drake n Kanye is Up There Honey ! Drake Got Killa Lines n Talks About Things That Matter n Kanye Keep It Real ! "The Only Thing I Wish ? ... I Wish a Nigga Would !" -Kanye ")

All The Other Ones is Two Thumbs Uppp ")

.... Thanx For Followin' My Blog

_Phillip J.