Am i the only one effin sick of hearing and reading about Chris Brown and Rihanna. Damn!!!!! Leave it alone. And people couldnt wait to get their hands on a damn picture of Rihanna w/ a busted lip and shit. Now you see it.. Are yall happy yet? Leave the damn girl alone. People are going to drive these celebrities insane. Its crazy how fast things surface the internet. Celebrities cant even sneeze without someone capturing a picture and blogging about it. Its sad. I feel for them. Who would really want to be treated like an animal and caged in all day? If they go out their privacy is immediately invaded. America has gotten too infatuated with wanting to know every little fact about celebrities and these dumb ass reality shows can seize too!

And to the whack celebs having youtube beef. (50 vs. R.Ross + Souljah Boy vs. Bow Wow TK vs. Bow Wow. etc. etc.) Get a life. My little sister (7y/o) asked me who did i like better Souljah boy or bow wow. i said what? She was like i dont like bow wow he was talking crazy about souljah boy. wdf? why does my little sister know about that shit? I stopped looking at mediatakeout awhile ago because they have the most bogus lies and rumors and i would get mad reading that shit. but damn near every site talks shit and spreads rumors. its sad. Ill be glad when this rihanna and chris brown shit is over with. im super annoyed!


Dope Fiend said...

errrrrrrrrr less about CB N RiRi....Um YOUR music is BANGING!!!! lol

im actualli downloading the drake mixtape now coz i didnt believe it was ass good as everyone said it was! LOL

ioncare bout no net beef of some exclusive pics bout people i dont freaking know.

wanna make em a cd?!?!? lol

Latoya said...


riva. said...

their are actually photoshopped pics of Rihanna's face with extra bruises. some people make me sick. domestic violence is nothing to laugh about.

and as for soulja boy and 50...soulja boy who? 50 what?...
(hip hop killers)


☆αmbєr said...

@DF.. tell me if u like the cd or not

@Latoya ..girl past sick of hearing about.

@Riva . yeah i saw those pictures on facebook. hahaha @ hip hop killers. hell yeah they are.