I gotta find my peace of mind.

So like Amber said I have to bring happiness to myself..
And since i feel like i'm doing absolutely nothing with my life
i think i'm going to volunteer and join the CCS. (cross cultural solutions)
Its something like the peace corps but its different in many ways.
Its a not for profit independent organization. I have a friend who goes to Russia for a month every year with her church and she loves it. So I think i'm going to do the insight abroad program, which is a one-week volunteer program offered in Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Morocco, Peru, Russia, and Thailand. You can choose to volunteer from 1 to 12 weeks, but i need to start off small. lol The only downside is i have to raise $1,898 dollars. It really isn't that much but seeing that were in a recession its a-lot. It includes my activities fees, lodging, meals, transportation, local and international phone calls and my travel and medical insurance. Oh and i have to pay for my own airfare. I just talked to a lady on the phone about it and shes supposed to send my more information in the mail. But this is something I've always wanted to do.. So hopefully everything works out for the best.

Oh and my current job is laying us ALL off. They didnt renew their contract w/ the building in which were located, nor w/ sprint so were bascially S.O.L. on April 1st. They told us if we stay until 4-1-09 we can get unemployment. (for those of you who know anything about unemployment you know it takes months to kick it) So its damn near stupid to stay. I've been looking for another job. I hate that job, but i'm so lazy and dont feel like finding a new one. I have been going to these temp to hire places, so hopefully i can find something that will last me to until mid-June (thats when i move) I've also been looking to work at a shelter for the homeless. I just want to give back the best way i can. And i have a huge soft spot for homeless people. If not a shelter than I might try to work back at the boys and girls club. (that was the best job i ever had) As much as i say i dont want kids, they bring me happiness. Well cross your fingers for me.. I hate being broke so i need some employment like a-sap.

p.s. Drake's So Far Gone cd is the shhhhhhhit! He's a beast.


laine_cakes said...

that volunteer work cross countrysounds kewll.. hit me up wif the info plz..

Dope Fiend said...

Everyoooooooooooone is goin on bout this Drake dudes CD/Album/Mixtape wtever the fudgestical it is. nah really should i download it??? is it really that good.

lol back to my main post...im so happy to hear you're doing you. The CCS sounds AMAZING, i whs I could do that but you DUN KNOW English people is tigt with thier money, especially around the homeless n ethnics. shame on me, look how i just lumped the two together.

The boys n girls club sounds wicked cool aswell! I love kids!

About being unemployed and broke, its not that bad for a while....but like after 2/3 months of rationing yourself and tryingt o find new things to do...TRUST ME you're gonna want a job.

find one now, but one you atually like!


raunWEEZY said...

yoo that volunteering seems dope... i would do all i could to pull together the necessary funds.. lol drake is a beast :)

☆αmbєr said...

@ Laine - its http://www.crossculturalsolutions.org

@Dopefiend - i really like him. its up to you really. and the boys and girls club was my first job ever and i loved it! so im going to go beg for my job back. lol and girl i CANT do the broke thing. i love clothes/shoes and random roadtrips too much to be broke.

@raun - yeah it does sound coo. i hope i'll be able to do it. and Drake is a beast. A night off has been on repeat.

Velly Vell said...

i wish you the best of luck love.

Drake isn't a beast but he's good money and the mixtape is on point

loso is better tho. lol sorry but u cant come on my blog and say drake is the best out and think i wasnt gonna say something lol =P

☆αmbєr said...

fabolous had his chance. he's aight. not the best.

Velly Vell said...

hey hey ... lyrically Fab is better than just about anyone u can name right now ... drake is nice dont get me wrong but he's no Fab.