dear government

dear government,
[CLEARS THROAT] ummmm so i'm going to need for you to STOP trying to scare us and kill off the human race in general. I dont even know when all these epidemics happened but every year its a new one. Aids, West Nile, anthrax, mad cow, bird flu. nowwwwww Swine Flu. U see the pattern? Black people.. LOL let me stop. But fareal I'm tired of this.. Im not trying to walk around this summer looking like one of Micheal Jacksons children.. [covering my face] especially since the swine flu has been found in my state of residence. Im sure next spring/ summer it will be something else. they are just trying to eliminate the human race in general. so dear government please stop. thanks

sincerely, Amber


Pro's Hood said...

It's like every other day its a new epidemic. I thoroughly enjoyed lol i guess im gon look like one of mike's kids as well call me princess shawl lmao

Video Vix[o]n said...


i'm not trying to walk around all paranoid. i'd be damned if a pig flu is the death of me... smh.

☆αmbєr said...

@PH lol. were gonna look like some foos this summer. glad u enjoyed this

@VV hahaha i feel u. atleast let its be over some chicken. but a pig? smh