..to be or not to be

"I'm living the single life"

So today at work my co-workers (which are all 30+) were discussing marriage. i told them marriage seems like a fairy tale, something i think all people want but few obtain. i honestly don't see myself getting married. they started drilling me with questions and comments like:
"you're just a baby Amber"
"you've probably never been in love"
"when the right one comes you will feel different"
"stop thinking like that"
I honestly cant see myself with one person for the rest of my life. That seems crazy. I don't want to just put up with someone to keep a family (btw i don't want kids) or to be accepted in America's eyes; that's bs. And I'm tired of hearing you'll change when you find that one. WHAT/WHO THE FUCK IS THAT ONE? There are so many divorces in America; I'm not sure if anyone knows who that "one" is.
I'm old enough to know what love is. I've been in love before. as much as i loved it, it broke me (and i don't want to go back to that place)

Love doesn't happen to everyone so if you experience it consider yourself lucky.
i am way to set in my ways, I'm too mean and i get irritated too fast. i am the type of gal who expects nothing from relationships because i expect the worst from guys.
That's so awful isn't it? But i have so many guy friends and my brothers have put me up "on game" so i can read between the lies.. you cant fool me

I'm a pessimist but it keeps me grounded, instead of a fantasy world that most try to pretend to be in. With that said, if I'm the one who can determine my happiness? Why can't i be happy single???
NOTE that does NOT mean being alone. no one wants to be alone but why do i have to be married to be happy?
(don't give me the biblical hooha either)


Dope Fiend said...

I love you lover! you read my mind every fucking time. I don;t believe in love or marriage or any oftheother bullshit. I just broke up withthe boy today an well, he dont really gi ve a fuck so thats saying something lol.

The sadthing is i want kids, annd honestly i want a family but, i guess maybe im not lovable or love just dont love me. whatever.