going in circles

You got me going in circles
Oh, around and around I go
its mixed signals in my head
you neva give me straight facts

My head is dizzy. I'm confused. He called.
I answered. ughhh why did i have to answer, but i did.
i miss you. That was the first 3 words he said.
noooo dont do this to me. not again. i cant go back there.
he had me weak.. im too strong. i cant.
i took control of the call. Then he texted me. i really do miss you.
"where is this coming from all of a sudden?" we are 34567890 miles apart. theres no point of telling me. keep it to yourself. i cant keep going through these whirlpools of emotions, it hurts too bad. i do miss him though, but i cant do it, not again.

Then... i go to the club. my ex was there. i havent seen him in 3 years. i was nervous, confused.. all that. he was all in my face talking about he misses me too. i was waiting for ashton to pop out saying, "you just got punked." i was toooo convinced. But i was tipsy so i let him attempt to run game. i needed the ego boost.

but im tired.
this sucks..


Dope Fiend said...

lol i hate it wen shit lik e that happens. to fucking muh! urgh, the ex hasnt called since e broke up lol he really dnt wanna be wit me no more...i'm pathetic but i wish he would.

going out in my party shoes today so i can feel better about mysel. lol xxx love you

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Kingsmomma said...

Or you get a whiff of that familair smell and all the memories come flooding back. UGH

☆αmbєr said...

@sheena yes i cant take when he calls. he it maes me mad

@kim thanks doll. i will visit your page

@kingsmomma ..you already know ;/

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