i can't sleep

Have you ever felt alone? Well not really alone physically people are there. Emotionally people do love you. Physically people show their affection but mentally your alone.
No one understands you? yeah me either. Lol

No but seriously I have random thoughts, I'm going to share.

"The ones that smile in your face are the ones you have to look out for"
Fake ppl stab you in the back, real friends stab you in the front"
Swallow your pride, sometimes the results are amazing
I hate chipped nail polish
I love you is 8 letters that are misused and abuse.
I say don't judge me 500 times a day
Writing and music are the only things that keeps me sane
I miss alabama
I used to love x-men, the power rangers and spider man (I was such a little boy)
I hate shaking ppls hands
Paper rock scissors
J cole is going to murk drake when his shit drops
The only reason I like wocka flocka is because he looks like carmelo
I've been blogging for 2 yrs!
I love sheena, vell, kings momma, crecks, michelle and kb (my blog fam)
I shop too much.
I don't trust too many ppl
I expect the worst from ppl
You ever notice you find the word hurt in truth, that's why it hurts
I'm tired of all of the young money artist
"If you love.. Love from the bottom of your heart. If you trust, have faith and believe. If you smile show the world your soul"


Kingsmomma said...

Damn I feel the same way. It has had me up at 3 am just staring at the ceiling. re: feeling alone

"Fake ppl stab you in the back, real friends stab you in the front"

^ such truth!

Anonymous said...

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Dope Fiend said...

LOVE YOU TOO BABY!!!! Got yous ome shot glasses from HK and a bracelet you knowone ofthose friendship ones haha! xxx