Top 5 Reasons you'll never be his main.

 You were the side chick to begin with.
1. Let me explain. Alicia Keys has put false hope in the hearts of so many girls. If  you went into the situation already knowing he had a girlfriend, why are you expecting anything? You played your role and at first you were okay with that. Now you have caught feelings or have been playing from the sidelines for a while now and your  "ready" to wear the crown as his official girl, but why? Many girls have fallen victim to this cycle, but I don't understand why would you want  someone who cheated with you and not expect them to cheat on you? I've seen this scenario played out numerous times and it hardly ever ends pretty. Either have a seat, or simply move on.

You don't look or act the part.
2. Lets be honest. Men want a girl that he can show off to his boys. I hate calling people ugly, because no matter who you are someone loves you. I witnessed some facially challenged females pull some hot commodities. If you lack in the physical appearance area your should make up in others. For example, you can't have a bad attitude with a bad appearance. That's like mixing vinegar and water.   If you look or act like trash, he will treat you like trash. Find you some self respect, read some fashion magazines and  get a good weave and  you'll be okay. The keyword phrase here is, "Get yourself together!"  

You have nothing going for yourself
3. This is the era of independence and gold diggers. Do you have a car? A job? Your own place? Your own money? Goals? Are you ambitious? If your saying no, then your too dependent on him and his funding. Too many girls are lazy lovers that have been brainwashed by Disney movies and reality TV. If your waiting on this man to come sweep you off your feet, good luck. I hope you have a back up plan. Don't get me wrong being independent is a great thing, but being overly independent can be a turn off. Women need to learn how to let a man be a man. Sometimes you have to submit. (I hate saying that word.) Men want to feel like we as women need them. If your always hollering, "I got it" or "I don't need you for anything." He will move on. Money can be the rise and downfall of a relationship. But that's another blog post.  

You've been around the block a few times

 4. "Danger! she smashed the homies." There are girls running around each city, each college campus, workplace, mall and club with the Kat Stacks Syndrome. Its a sickening disease, and I wish you well. These are the chicks that have been passed around throughout the crew. She messed around with more than one of his friends and associates. She's that girl who calls every dude her bff (best fucking friend) and everyone has her number. She's the neighborhood friendly go to girl. Don't get me wrong I have lots of homeboys, but I haven't smashed any of them. They are strictly good friends and have been that way for years. Why would a man main you up, when he and everyone else has already had you? I'm not saying what Katherine Stacks was doing was right, but she did gain fame and got paid to be "loose." Everyone can't be a "Supahead, Kat Stacks, Pinky,  and Melyssa Ford." Find better role models and people to look up to. Stop selling yourself and that cooch short.
Your a drama queen running around with jokers.
5. Everyone likes a good argument, hence the make up sex. But if all you do is argue and nag over any and everything why would someone want to deal with that on a regular. You associate yourself with "Negative Nancy's" who stir up bullsh-t that you eventually into. Misery loves company and everyone isn't as genuine as you may think. Friends can be very jealous and envious of whatever situation you may have. Although no one will admit to it, trust me its true. This can eventually become and issue and no one in their right mind would want to deal with that. If your already questioning him and "playing" the role as a crazy girlfriend, he probably will never take the situation serious. Stay in your lane and watch the company you keep.  

There are other reasons a guy may never go with you. These are some pointers and preferences that I compiled from various male friends, and I thought I would share. Overall women need to stop playing house and find some self worth. If your not happy with yourself, you can never make anyone else happy. 


Anonymous said...

" There are girls running around each city, each college campus, workplace, mall and club with the Kat Stacks Syndrome. Its a sickening disease, and I wish you well. " Lmao yall are clowning on here
But I agree

Jazmyne said...

Have you ever be a side chick? How do you know this? Some females are okay with being the side chick. If thats what they choose, how can that be a negative thing? Its obviously okay for them. Never knock someone else's hustle. It's always a different opinion when someone is looking in verses in that situation.

Amber No Rose said...

Seeing that this my blog (= my thoughts/opinion)of course everything noted is my opinion, that's kinda the purpose of a blog. But if you read it you would see that I noted I asked "males" this question and these are the things that they said. Yes I've been a sidechick, I think most women have been at a point in time. But thanks for commenting. We really value your opinion here on ANR :) Lol.

Alyce WONDER said...

When u said the piece about the negative friends and watching the company you keep I agree 100%. My ex and I broke up becasue I had a friend that kept putting negative shit in my head. She was single and bitter and wanted me to be the same way. We eventually went our seperate ways but I did learn my lesson.
And I also agree with most women playing the sideline at a point of time. We all have whether we knew it our not. Its encoded in the dna of males to cheat. Tempation is a motha.

Anonymous said...

good read