Where is My MAC Concealer?

I once had, what I considered, blemish free skin. I never had to deal with breakouts or dark spots. I would put on my powder foundation and just go. Up until recently My skin did a 180 on me and I had some of the worst breakouts on my forehead. I was so embarrassed and really didn't know what to do. My solution was CONCEALER!

Merriam Webster describes concealer as a cosmetic that covers blemishes. In my own descriptive words I describe it as a thick, creamy, opaque product that covers up skin imperfections.

Of course the concealer is not going to hide pimples but it alleviates any discoloration formed by my pimples and the dark spots that were left behind. But one thing that I have to explain is that healthy, clean,  pimple free skin is the best canvas for make-up. I know it sounds weird but if your skin has a lot of bumps and zits the application will not be even. Also breaks in the skin's surface is not good if applying make-up. I will later do a post on my skin regimen (I'm still perfecting it). I do suggest you use an exfoliant twice a week before bed time for smooth skin. I use St. Ives Apricot Scrub.

Here is a picture of my skin without any make-up. As you can see, I have many imperfections.

Now here I am after the concealer. As you can see, my skin still looks like my skin, but minus the dark spots.

I started the application of the concealer on clean, moisturized skin. Some people do like to use a make-up primer after they have put on their moisturizer. I however, do not because the primers tend to give the skin a matte look which I don't like. There are benefits to primers, which are that they even out the skins texture, fill lines, help control oily skin, and helps your make-up last longer. If you feel that a primer would benefit you I recommend Loreal's Magic Perfecting Base.

For concealer I use MAC's Studio Finish in NC50 ( or go to your make-up counter to see which color suits you best).  I apply mine with my fingertips by dabbing my ring finger in the pot and and gently rubbing the concealer into my skin. I use a little at a time so that I can accomplish an even natural application. After I feel that I have covered all blemishes I then stand away from the mirror to make sure that everything is blended and looks like my skin.

After your concealer is on, you can just wear it as is or follow up with your powder or liquid foundation. I will also do a post on foundations. If you found this post to be helpful or if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. <3<3<3


Amber No Rose said...

I know nothing about concealer. I was blessed with nice skin but I do want to try some out just to see how it looks. I'm all about the eyes and a good lip. Thats it. I need to venture out on the make up tip.

how do you make it look natural though? alot of ppls make up looks caked on imo

Anonymous said...

I just discovered concealer one week at the MAC counter and I'm hooked. I had no idea this stuff was that awesome. I have dark spots on my face from dry skin so it helps cover it. Applying with fingertips ensures even distribution.