Football Groupie?

Okay so this blog is super random. But all but one my best friends shitted on me for my birthday. (shitted on me=stood me up lol) One in particular had me really pissed. But im over it. My birthday was a week ago. She was broke. I cant be mad at her for that. Who am I to tell anyone how to spend their money.. Ne who. So I really havent talked to her like that since then. I’ve really been by myself. Focusing on me. Trying to find a damn job. I been chillin with fam really. This whole friend thing had me questioning a lot. Its coo tho. When birthdays roll around next year I will be incognito TRUST. (NEVERMiND I'M NOT THAT PETTY!)
Anywho so when I talked to her again. I lied my ass off to her. She basically thought I went to Monday night football and got with a Colts football player. "♥Reggie Wayne♥"

reggie is to the left. bob sanders fine ass is the the rt.

I been telling her im dippin off with him.. Real late at night & doing the grown folk. Of course she was hella excited cuz I been on a loooong drought. Sexless... I shall say. Believe it or not we get excited for each other when we get some. Haha. Weird right. So I lied to her and it was a REAL good lie. I gave her details and everything. She started asking questions about him and i really didnt know the answers. So i was just brushing her off and saying, "Well we didnt talk about all that.. it is what it is." She was calling me a baby whore. So I finally told her I was lying and we laughed sooo hard and for sooo long. (one of those i cant breathe laughs)
Its so hard for me to be mad at people. Especially when its dumb. But if my feelings get hurt (rarely) or I feel like someone is doing me wrong I am quick to chuck the deuces. People need to understand I am one of a effin kind. I am a great friend. A great supporter. Great listener. If you deserve my time then i will be there. If not. Eff you. So that’s how I been feelin. No one understands me. No one.

Question: how can one have so many friends but still feel all alone?


IntrospectiveGoddess said...

Hey miss lady...happy belated..thanks for commenting on my blog. Now I dont know much about your situation but you might want to really think about this particular friend. I mean I can overstand the issue of being broke but um did she at least call and say "happy b-day I will have something for you when I come up?"

I mean thats just my two cents....Good friends are hard to come by but frenemies(enemies posing as friends) come a dime a dozen....

Nice little playlist you got going on over here

☆αmbєr said...

thanks alot. yeah thats why i just said forget it. it wasnt worth being mad. she is a good friend. i was just being a spoiled brat. thanks for reading and commenting.

Sexxy Luv said...

lmao @ the story that you told your friend! that had to be classic! lol

i really like all the pictures of you, it's nice to see another pretty lady in the blog world.

i'll be back.

Lucky said...

I know exactly how you feel about the friend's hella hard to keep good people around you these days...

☆αmbєr said...

sexxy luv: It was hella funny& thanks! Lucky: yeah i agree. i learned the hard way. . everyone is not your friend

Jaded said...

Hey Girl. true story: last week me and 2 other gf were suppose to go out to eat for my b-day (since they wouldn't be able to party with me for my actually bday). Now my one friends kept screamin how poor she was and if we could go to this one restaurant because she had a GC for there. (Mind you it wasn't like she was paying for me)

Now. I hate this place BUT I did want to chill with my friends (because I don't have many).

Anyway, before we go to eat she asks to go to this jewlery party. I don't want to but I'm like sure. Why not?

Why this heffa proceeds to spend 60 bucks on CRAP. So I was like, ummmm, I'm not going to the restaurant because I don't like to eat there and clearly you aren't as broke as you make it seem.

She still refused because she was "broke".

So me and my otha biotch rolled without her.

Lesson: People do what they want to do.

Anyway. Thanks for stopping by my blog...sorry for the mini-rant. This really hit home. lol

☆αmbєr said...

lol no your fine TRUST i feel u!

Don said...

That's a good question... Unfortunately I have no answer for you, well no answer that would satisfy you. Maybe you're looking for something that you've yet to find?

Also, I just came from checking out your other blog. Pretty good blog. I wanted to leave a few comments but it wouldn't allow.

I linked your blog under sincerely, amber. Want me to change it to jayne dough?

Believe it or not we get excited for each other when we get some.

Too funny.

☆αmbєr said...

thanks don.
the-jezebels... were soooo working on that.

it doesnt matter what u call me. both are coo with me.

yeah i think im missing something. its a big empty space with hella question marks.. cuz i dont know whats missing there.

much love.