Am i a geek or what?

Am i the only person who still has folders from high school. (i graduated 3 years ago) its mainly english essays, sociology and psychology essays. I have like every essay i've ever written. I just enjoy writing. Loser huh? Anywho I was rambling through old psychology packets and found papers on determining if your left brained or right brained. Its called Color Test. I remember i couldnt do it the first couple of times.

Are you left brained or right brained? Take this test and see how well you do! Your aim is to say what color each word IS, not what color the word SAYS. So if you look at PURPLE you would say WHITE since thats the color thats displayed.

Your supposed to read through them quickly and smoothly, about one a second without hesitation. If you have a speech impediment this is not the test for you. lol

This is a left to right conflict. The right side of your brain tries to say the color while the left insists on reading the word.
Tell me how u did.


Amber-Alert said...

i dont have too much from hs but i have almost all of my shit from undergrad lol...ok takin that test was hilarious!!!

tris. said...

i have so much crap from hs and undergrad.
i have issues throwing stuff out.
i rocked this lil test majiggy.

☆αmbєr said...

@ Amber- haha yeah i have all my essays from undergrad too. u never know when u'll need it again. That test is hard. didnt u feel stupid for 2.5

@pretty- im usually good at throwing stuff away. i hate trash but i love essays.. and well damn. ur left brained.

Velly Vell said...

i have everything from high school too and i still go through it all

this test is fucked up and thats all im a say about that lol

btw. your jamaican imitation was TERRIBLE lolol

Amanda Allison said...

Ah, I remember doing this in my high school psych class!

You're not the only one that saves all her essays. :)

Brothers Blog said...

I started off good but then got all effed up with that middle column and ok on the last one. lol

Them essays can come in handy in college. lol.

☆αmbєr said...

@Velle.. haha my jamaican accent was wonderful.. HATER. LOL

@Amanda.. glad im not the only dork

@B.Blog.. yeah its hard to do. especially one time through.. and yeah i agree. the first essay i had in college i used a old high school essay. lol

Yves said...

Nerds > Geeks