My life HAS to be a sitcom

Life Rundown.. I swear my life is a sitcom. I still think its just like Truman Show or better yet maybe i'm being punked. I'm just waiting on Ashton Kutcher to pop up from a bush screaming bitch u just got punked. Since thats how my life seems
Soooo lets see..
The good:
I talked to the lady from admissions for the school I'm transferring to in Atlanta. She confirmed that i start school on July 7th. Too geeked. so I'm in the process of fin aid! My favorite..NOT! I'm flying to Atlanta on Thursday w/ my girls, so I'll probably make a stop by the school.

Oh and i met a new little booty. {that's what me and the bff calls new potential boo's] he's funny and coo as hell.. SO FAR ATLEAST! I promise these guys last 2 -3 days then I'll be over the situation.

this past wknd. i found a new hangout spot. too excited. Indianapolis sucks ass to me and I'm over the club scenes here. i hang out at the bougee black clubs, ghetto black clubs, bars with crazy white folk..fuckin EVERYWHERE and still hate the club scene [secretly] lol. So i finally went to this little comedy place with my cousins and bff. My cousin has been trying to get me to go there for months now! i had sooooooooooo much fun. You can get drunk and laugh your ass off literally. The comics were pretty funny and it was a chill hangout spot (very date appropriate since i like laughing) The only bad thing is its a two drink minimum and i don't like buying my own drinks.

The bad:
At work..i almost committed suicide. LITERALLY. i hate that fuckin place. i hate stupid bitch ass dumb ass effin customers who call in for dumb ass shit..{excuse the profanity, just thinking of it pisses me off} especially when they try to get me to adjust their account yet they are cussin at me. "uuugh no bitch I'm not giving you shit." today i almost got fired SWEAR! i was like, "Ma'am your going to have to calm the [--paused almost cussed] your going to have to calm down so i can help you." a sup was walking by. luckily he was a coo supervisor who likes me and was like you cant talk like that. ugh why not. I NEED TO FIND A NEW JOB!!!

The Ugly:
It seems like when i make 2 steps forward. I'm knocked back four more. Like sooo much bullshit has happened THIS YEAR.. its only the 26Th day of January. The only great thing is Obama being president. Everything else is bullshit. well sorta. Its alot of little things that's happening but the shits adding up. I'm the type of person to smile although its nothing to smile about. I just don't feel the need to complain all day. It never solves anything. plus i hate people asking me, whats wrong. I want to punch them in the face when they ask me that. Yeah i know you care, but your being nosey and adding more fuel to the fire. Just leave me alone. So instead of showing I'm mad.. i smile and listen to their bullshit life stories and play my Dr. Phil role that so many people look at me as. Don't get me wrong.. i don't mind giving advice but sometimes its like people take me for granted.. like i don't have my own problems.

Well that's life. So far. I'll post again later this week.. i need to start packing. i have clothes everywhere.

stay tuned for the next episode of



Bombchell said...


lol omg girl. i hope everything calms down soon. u need to hit me up when u get to atl!

i replied u in my comments section with other places for the weekend, but 300 bowling should be a decent alternative to Velvet on sunday.

Andre said...

Yeah Atlanta will be a blast...Velvet room is pretty cool. as long as you don't call it "hot-lanta" you'll be alright...

and don't let them customers drive you kerazy...

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

sounds more like a melo-drama

☆αmbєr said...

@bombshell- i wont be there Sunday just Thurs-Saturday. where can i go?

@Andre - lol i wont call it hotlanta. i been there plenty of times. this is just my first time going by myself.

@Torrance- yeah i think its mellow. its nothing major. ill get over it.

Video Vix[o]n said...

WOW, that's wild. my recent post was called the good, the bad and the pretty. aint that funny.

but life is a sitcom indeed. i know how you feel. when shit is lookin up, some crazy ass plotline comes in you gotta deal with. smh.

i need to find some more chill spot myself. comedy clubs are cool for real? never been to one. a good laugh is always good.

you lucky you deal with ppl on the phone. i have to deal with ppl face to face and a itch could get punched in the throat if they aren't careful, but thats dumb mofos for you, i guess.

hope your show gets better.

Amber-Alert said...

ok first of all that tiny ass print just gave me a headache lol lol but dont let them damn customers stress u a few more months and u'll be in the atl!!! just focus on that and let the countdown begin!!!!!