Borderline Suspect.

Yall know im scattered brained... I jump subject to subject (when i talk)

The last guy i was talking about.. he is super annoying. Told yall it would last 3 days. I met a some guys last weekend. One from Atlanta, One from NY and one from freaking MIAMI. wdf? Maybe i should just move there. Okay maybe not. (that would be stupid) But we talked today. He's super funny. Met him in Atlanta. He's like shawty come back, I'll buy u a ticket. Yeah sure you will, and im sure you would want something in return. But the one from Atl.. He's really really nice.. borderline suspect.
I was reading Ambers post about how guys are basically a waste of time. I feel you girl. But im not looking for a relationship. Just entertainment.. a friend. I dont want to be tied down. Yeah i might say, "I want a boyfriend." But dont take me serious. Im just talking.

Im not posting again until Thursday. (It will be a picture post of last weekend.) I'll play catch up for awhile. (reading blogs) Plus im finishing this layout.

I have alot to do these up coming weeks (my sisters wedding is coming up.) I hate when my paychecks are spent before i can even touch them. I gotta do all this shit for other people. I need a spa day for myself. Oh and Bombchell. i cant wait to move to Atl. That trip made me even more excited. Swear.

I think its better to have a couple of friends then a handfull of FAKE ones.
I swear i have the worse luck with friends. (girls) Cant stand em. I really dont care at the end..
...And another one bites the dust


Amanda Allison said...

Ah, I'm so happy you rearranged your blog. I've been wanting to comment but didn't know how! lol

Ashley Ashley said...

I like this layout better. It's easier to read. Borderline quote.:0 Life goes on, Life stops, Life never will be the same. Remember don't take my advice and you'll be fine. Love ya!

Reggie said...

I love this layout.......And I agree.....folks be killing stupid shit.....:)

riva. said...

"I think its better to have a couple of friends then a handfull of FAKE ones."

I just had to cast a bunch of irrelevant people out of my life. I wholeheartedly agree!


Amber-Alert said...

ok i hope this is the final product!!!! i do nottttt want a boyfriend this one guy was like HUH when i told him that the other day i was like too much drama and he just started laughing. u already kno how i feel about fake as friends lol!!!

Brothers Blog said...

I'll be visiting ATL for a wedding in May. I can't wait either I Love atl.

My true friend's list is very short I don't blame you on that one.

☆αmbєr said...

@Amanda.. yeah it was alot going on. it wouldnt let anyone comment

Ashley..its too simple

Reggie .. yugh u really like this. i think its boring.

Riva.. i think we have to do that often

Amber.. haha girl i dont want one either. its alot of drama and emotions. cant stand it

Brother Blog.. atl is the shit in my book. its so much fun

Sexxy Luv said...

damn it! what the heck is going on around here?... the layout has changed likey! lol

i have NO female friends them bitches can kiss my azz! i love my male homeboys they are the best!

glad you enjoyed your vacay to the ATL i use to live there for 2 years it was the best time of my life! lol