So im sure my sister is going to kick me out of her wedding yet AGAIN!
i understand shes stressed and all and she wants me to be her maid of honor although i dont want to be... its just alot going on. Im saving to go to school. Im getting a new car in March.. and she wants to rush and get married in two months and expects us to drop everything. She sent out a text to her bridal party saying she wants to have a meeting on Feb. 13th. ughhh ill be out of town. [i clearly dont have a v-tine so why not go out of town and get drunk with my bros]
i dont even have my dress yet. And really dont wanna drop $100+ for it. YEAH IM SELFISH! But shit she got proposed to on New Years eve.. your getting married March 7th??? Chill out Shawty?

My question to you is What is too soon?

Why do people really text everything? I dont reply to text messages. Im lazy. so if its that important call.

She kicked her own bff out the wedding b/c she didnt have the funds. We were both maid of honors so we were splitting the cost of everything. Bridal shower wise.. now im on my lonesome.. not excited. Im supposed to have it planned for the last wknd of this month. oops i dont even have a place. i suck at stuff like this. I mean i can do more.. yeah shes my sister, yes im happy for her. but i dont want her to rush something that supposed to be forever. i told her how i felt about them "rushing" the wedding and she snapped on me. kicked me out of the wedding.. then apologized and put me back in it.. im at the point of telling her make me a bridesmaid.. i dont want the duty of being the maid of honor. if she doesnt care about us (her bridal party) why should i care about her. My life is not stopping for hers or ANYONE else.


Brothers Blog said...

man that's hella soon. Hope it all works out for you. Less than a month away that's a whole lot to do.

Video Vix[o]n said...

wow, no pressure much?

i could imagine your sis making everyone crazy, but i guess you have to be some type of voice of reason.

three months? hopefully everything works out for your sis. She's probably nervous, thats why she seems to be acting wild, but it should all be cool once its over.

☆αmbєr said...

@BB .. yeah i have too much to do and shes getting on my damn nerves

@VV ..i cant wait until this mess is over. CAN NOT WAIT!