Okay so like I said before my older sister Tiffany’s boyfriend proposed to her. My sister is like the only family member I’m close to. We’re 6 years apart (age wise) but we are super close. Its funny because growing up I hated her guts!! (We have the same mom, diff pops.) But we’ve grown and have a really great relationship.

Now my senior year in high school she got pregnant out of wedlock and that’s the only thing that was a setback. She graduated from college on the deans list from college. She’s super smart and driven. But basically some things with her and the babe dad turned out ugly and he is no longer in my nieces life.

She was hooked up with her new boyfriend T.C. by her two sisters. They immediately clicked and now are about to get married. They haven’t been dating long but they love each other and that’s all that matters. Now I’m cool with the marriage thing because I want her to be married. But she told me they are trying to get married on March 7th.

Ummm hello that’s like tomorrow. I was like well why are you getting married so soon, you should wait and save some money so the wedding wont be rushed. She snapped. I was like I wasn’t saying it for you to get upset. Im sorry but its just my personal opinion. So I called my mom is the most negative person that I know. She of course was hating (I think its jealousy) but she started talking like she didn’t like T.C. *note this woman stays in his face, now all of a sudden she don’t like him* I rushed her off the phone because she was pissing me off. 45 mins later my moms is calling back. I answer, but its my auntie. * I don’t fuck w/ her side of the family at all because they will all use u until you cant be used anymore.* heres the convo

Me: Hello
(annoying talking in the background)
Me: Hellllo
Auntie: Oh hi Amber. Happy New years.
(me thinking did she get the memo late? New Years was 2 days ago.)
Me: Happy New Years. Whats up?
Auntie: dang just saying happy new years. What did you do?
(me thinking yeah right)
Me: okay and I said it back. But I got drunk.
Auntie: You were drunk? Wow. Who you get drunk with?
Me: my friends.
Auntie: (laughing: mocking me “my friends” haha you sound like a white girl. Well I was just calling to get your opinion about the wedding.
Me: (irritated) What u mean my opinion? Its not my wedding, and if my sister is happy then there’s no comments needed. Who cares be happy for her.
Auntie: I was just seeing what u thought.
Me: Well I told my mother she should wait a little longer so it wont be rushed but other than that its nothing to say. Im happy for her and she’s going to do what she wants to do.
Auntie: Oh do you like him?
Me: Ugh yeah. Why?
( I guess she thought I said what do you think b/c she started rambling)
Auntie: Well I think its too soon, and we don’t know anything about him. I don’t want her to make a mistake. It does seem pretty soon. I was telling her mom the other night I had a dream she told me she was getting married and your mom just told me she is. So it kind of scared me. I don’t know though.
Me: What are you talking about? Who cares?
Auntie: okay Amber well u sound like you don’t want to talk so I love you and ill talk to you later.
Me: buhbye

My family is so negative and jealous. I hate them. They are so judgmental yet don’t have any fucking room to judge a soul. That’s why I keep to myself. I hate telling my mom anything b/c she immediately tells someone. Stupid ass. I hate family sometimes. I hate that I have no choice but to deal with them.


Sexxy Luv said...

GIirlll....just know that i can relate....sigh*

my sister was suppose to get married this year but she went ahead and did it on the 27th of Dec. at the court house with out any family being their and my mother was acting all sad and shit, having her own pitty party. smh

(vixenchick) said...

just droppping by to say hi!



Velly Vell said...

i have family just like that ... had to cut them off because they are hazardous to my health.

sometimes the best thing for you to do is distance yourself from the negativity regardless of where its coming from.

☆αmbєr said...

sexxyluv~ i mean i would be sad to (if i was ur mom) but its ur sisters choice.

v.c.~heyyy girl hey

davelle~ thanks i needed to hear that!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

nice spot sister. have a blessed 2009 folk

hope u don’t mind the drive by, do chk me out one day


Sexxy Luv said...

i didn't feel sorry for my mother cause she kept saying my sister wasn't ready and was trying to talk her out of it. Now if she would have been happy for my sister and she did that then i would feel her pain.

Sexxy Luv said...

i didn't feel sorry for my mother cause she kept saying my sister wasn't ready and was trying to talk her out of it. Now if she would have been happy for my sister and she did that then i would feel her pain.

☆αmbєr said...

Torrance: heyy. i actually have chkd ur page out. it was after thanksgiving. i remember listening to the radio show. but ill def. swing by again. Thanks for visiting!

yeah well thats how my mom is acting. shes not happy for her. thats why im like your a hater. i told her she was last night. she got mad. but oh well.. i'd rather my daughter get married then be out here single raising a child on your own. but who knows..

kit von b. said...

i have similar family. i love em, but i dont like those muhfuggas @ all. then they wanna be all judging you and actin all holy and shit. thats why i dont even tell those ganches nothin...but thats anybody. family, friends, i dont care who you are. if you aint about the positive, get the fuck up outta my life post haste.


Video Vix[o]n said...

dont we all have that "side of the family" we want to disown.

i have the "be nice to you in front of your face, nasty to your back" sides. especially my aunts (one aunt in particular) needs a good cuss out.

in those situations, you just need to bump what they think and focus on whats more important.

opinions aint nothin more but personal rants.

☆αmbєr said...

KB- thats my motto right now, "if you aint about the positive, get the fuck up outta my life" And lets not get on the holy folk who are the main ones actin like Satan himself! lawwwwd.

VV- "opinions aint nothin more but personal rants." ---PREACH!!!!!
UGH and everyones effin opinion does not matter, although they think it does. My family gets on my nerves. Shit people get on my nerves. They cant see the "LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE" face.. i thought it was clear. guess looks are deceiving. lol

Anonymous said...

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