Bang Bang Shoot Em.

I loooooooooove Sade. [the singer] one of my favorite songs of all time is By your side. The song is so beautiful. Its calming to me. Although I dont have anyone actually by myside "boyfriend or significant other" It still feels good to me. IDK kind of weird i guess but i just love it [ im listening to it now.. im always listening to music] listen with me

AnywhoToday.. nothing really happended
My bestfriend and i have been making promises to ourselves to not eat fast food during the week. And we actually made it [ so proud of us] i need to lose some major pounds before March. So i can look cute in my dress. Oh and i need to be skintee by June {when i move to ATL} im determined!!!

I had to work my slave shift today. 3-11:30 or whenever your last call is. I work for sprint for the millioneth time {if u didnt know} And i HATEEEE IT! (*note* if your a sprint customer and you call in all the EFFIN TIME for STUPID EFFIN REASONS.. then shame on you! I cant stand your ass!!) Well today was actually fun. I kept putting my annoying customers on hold to talk to my {soon to be roommate} we clowned the entire day.. And our supervisor asked us to come over his house for a house warming {in the near future} i was like ughh im not buying u shit! {he's a young black, short fat guy who thinks he's that nigga} he was like i dont want shit from you just come and get fucked up. I was like oh liquor well im down! lol so trifilin. but i love free liquor its the best! lol but this nigga bet not try shit or i will bring out my kung-fu karate chop on his ass! lol
Oh and its this really cute guy who works with me. As my friend Salene would say, he's The "bang bang shoot em up" type lol.

Me and the roomie Salene just look and admire him all day. Tattoos everywhere, can dress and drives a bmw [helll-o $$$$] naw but i vowed to never talk to a guy i worked with again. it NEVER works out! he's just nice to look at though.
Now its Thursday night and im freakin off tomorrow and i have nothing to do!
So i guess i'll just visit my blog roll and catch up

my sisters bff and i have to go and try on our freakin dresses. i dont want to because i have to wake up early when i should be sleepin in, but whatever! Oh and i know im shopping at the mall whenever were done with that! i saw theee cutest boots and i must go grab them
well im rambling.. so tootles!

xoxo Amber ---->> i miss the Jayne Dough signature<--- wasnt it so creative of me? lol.


Reggie said...

Your name is Amber...Nice to finally meet you, babes!!!!:)

☆αmbєr said...

yeah my name is boring and plain. but nice to meet u too Reggie.

i love that picture of Solange.
i think im going to get my hair that way

Brothers Blog said...

good job on not eating the fast food. Wish I could say that for me. lol.

I'm T-mobile not sprint. But I rarely call them either.

That a real gun you holding? lol

And Sade is the girl! And still looks good, she's like in her 50's I believe.

Sexxy Luv said...

from looking at all your pictures i don't think you need to lose weight, especially going to the ATL. lol

good job on the fast food. i like to eat good so i barely mess with it..unless it's MIckey D's. :)

i have never worked with any cute guys, but if i did i would take my chances. hehe

☆αmbєr said...

BB- yeah its so hard. im a junkie for chkn nuggest & chicken sandwichs but i've said no alllll week! yeah glad i dont have to deal w/ you since ur t-mobile. i swear im always on the verge of cussin them damn customers out. lol and yeah its a real gun. i was drunk that night and was excited b/c i never held one. then i start pointing it at everyone. haha. oh and sade is that girl. i love that little islander.

SL- yeah i do need to lose weight. i've gained weight in the past year and im not thrilled. but im into fashion thats what im going to school for. i gotta get down to a 5/6 atleast.
lol @ you. yeah i bet u would take to a guy that works with you. i cant do it tho

(vixenchick) said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE sade! my faves are 'is it a crime' and 'king of sorrow'



Amber-Alert said...

lol i was gonna ask about that gun too lol i hate guns with a passion!! girl its nothin boring about the name amber!!! dont u kno that amber holds fossils which link us to the past and secrets of the universe!!! girl please! anyway hope u had a good weekend!!!

☆αmbєr said...

amber dont get me wrong know the meaning behind my name but its simple and alot of ppl have our name. im too complex to be so ordinary. now i dont want my name being LaQueshiante but damn my mom could of put more thought in it

Amber-Alert said...

lol i honestly dont come across too many people with the name fits me (with the red hair and freckles and everything) so im cool with it lol...