Amy Winehouse found dead.

I first heard of Amy Winehouse in 2006. I was a freshmen in college, I remember my roommate and I we're looking at blogs and her song Rehab was on one of them. I instantly fell in love with her voice and I would drive my roommate insane because I would blast her music. Amy's cd Back to Black was simply amazing, the  arrangements we're perfect, and her lyrics gave me chills. When I read that she had passed my heart instantly sunk. I wanted Amy to get better, her voice was way too talented to waste. It is crazy that people can get in this drug and alcohol filled industry with no guidance, or people to stir them from it. She had so much potential to be great, but lost herself before she could actually shine. 27 years young is too soon to leave. may her family find peace through this tough time. There wasn't much information on what actually happened, the only reports we're stated is that she was found dead in her London apartment.
This is one of my favorite tracks back Amy. Simply Beautiful




Amber Lee. said...

She will be missed

Jason said...

Sadly, based on what we saw in the media, we kind of figured that her movie would end this way. I was rooting for her to come back clean and healthy and have the biggest album of her career. I guess that was just wishful thinking.

Thanks for stopping by. Do come again!


Amber Lee. said...

thx for commenting Jason