30 second venting post.

ugh so 'Dallas Austin" gets on my nerves.
*not the real dallas austin btw.*
its sad that the only way u can get me to see u is when i wanna smoke with you.
ugh ur lame as shit. askin my girl how much she pays for rent. my dude thats lame.
u mumble when u talk. u breath hard when u talk like ur fat and want a hostess snack.
you stare at me like im sex on the platter.. disgusting
the compliments are annoying.

ugh yeah im annoyed right now.
dont even wanna smoke his weed.

im coooooo. thanks alot Ashley Ashley.

and the same for Wayne.. he calls my bestfriend too ..on some lets smoke. cuz i wont answer my phone or spend time with him. but ill smoke ur shit. believe that.

.... god send me someone i actually like.. please.


Ashley Ashley said...

Its not my fault. I have a habit. and I have to do whatever i have to do to support my habit. so if that means inviting them over to supply my need so be it. u can sit there and look cute and show off them muffins while I get my smoke good on.

*P.S. why is this lil nigga staring at me so hard. Damn he ain't stopped.*

So excited about Young Jezzy!!!!

☆αmbєr said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ur dumb as shit i didnt know if he was looking at me or my muffins. or looking at you and your pies. i was like ummmmmm dude are u high or are u seeing shit.. ugh boo my nigga.

and i HAVE NEVER EVER IN LIFE seen dallas austin this much. this nigga walking in amiling like im mothafuckin beyonce. nigga be easy.


Shyne said...

No doubt I would have no clue as to whas goin on BUT for some reason it seems funny-aaa-hell, LOL! Seems like some serious shyt at the same time though.

Ashley Ashley said...

Man this shit is funny as hell. Swear he called me 30minutes ago and was like yall tryna smoke after the wedding? I said do we need to RSVP or something??? he was like didnt yall just leave the wedding?? I was no, she had rehersal. he said well want u come over and relax yall nerves. I said ummmmm...i'll let u know.

Seriously he's prolly thinkin this gettin him closer. He bought us some white castles. lil wayne couldn't even buy our Denny's. So Dallas Austin got 1point. hahaha

Katrina said...

Guys can be such pigs sometimes. Your post just totally described my ex in high school. Ewww...everytime I think about him I want to stop breathing and just die! But then I remember that I have a hot sexy fiance now and I keep breathing! tee hee hee!

This post is funny, and trust me you'll find Mr. Perfect soon, you're totally HOTTNESSS!

☆αmbєr said...

@ Shyne..naw not serious at all.

@ Ashley..its all ur fault

@ Katrina..thanks girl. i hope i find him soon too

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