OKay K.Hilson kinda turned me off with that remix. how dare she? but she was on some punk shit apologizing to Ciara and Beyonce saying she wasnt talking about them. (PET PEEVE) Please dont talk shit then be scared to back it up.. but im back on the Keri boat. March 24th.. i'll be buying her cd. Seeing that i LOVEEEEEEEEEEE this song she redeemed herself with this video + my UNC Ye is in it + Keri's vocals are on point = A from me.
So heres a snippet to the Make Love Video.

p.s. sorry i keep posting videos.. but this is MY BLOG BITCHES! + im too lazy to blog fareal fareal.

P.S.S. what the hell does P.S. really stand for?


Tan Man said...

it means don't know why I just know that random fact.

Phi. said...

lol.. okay, so Ash put me on the remix (of course)... and that verse goes hard, you have to admit.. ahaha.. even tho I do think she was an idiot for tryna start stuff with THE B... and WOW, I think she's even wacker for tryna take it back... lmao...

but anyways, I still like her music.. and this video is cute..

nianicole said...

grr....i wanna see the rest of keri and mr. west gettin it on. lol. and i happen to like the fact that you always got the new vids up. can you get mary mary god in me video?..lls

keeko. said...

i agree
she claims she wasnt directn it towards B and ciara
but why wud she say th
whole settle down and have kids &nd to th left to th left
shit. Clearly pointing
big ass red arrows at B.
cmon now keri baby
ima need u to
keep yo shit 0ne hunned .