not a happy camper

my dumbass cousin Amber told me my cousin Le'Adrian died this morning. ummm no he didnt. So my dad comes home. i ask him about Le'Adrian he said no my Uncle Oscar died. Ummmm so i feel even better (not) He was my favorite Uncle in Detroit. I stayed with him and my Aunt Claudia everytime i went there. Im mad because I haven't been back to detroit since i was about to move there / almost got shot. (some years back) It sucks that this is why were going back.. for a funeral. I HATE funerals and hate seeing my family members cry. My grandma is going to be super depressed and i hate seeing her that way. Im so not looking forward to this trip. Not at all.

On a brighter note

My sister is now a MRS. She got married Saturday. It actually was nicer than i thought it would be. I now have 2 nephews and 2 neices too. thats crazy. but im happy for her.. better yet im happy that wedding shit is over. im free again =)


Gee-Nah Muh-Ree said...

Sorry to hear about ur uncle*
Just means that he's going to heaven to live a better life .. doesn't have to struggle on Earth like we are anymore ...

I don't know if that helps, but when my Gma died that's waht everyone said to me ;}

☆αmbєr said...

Thats hun

Dope Fiend said...

sorry about y our uncle.

i hate funerals too, iono what to say just, make sure you do everything you want to do because you never know when time willl run out.

and also

i so lost your email. i read it, planned on replying then my inbox filled up n i cant find it. LMAO!

xoxo nuff love

☆αmbєr said...

thaNks aND ill email u again