Throwback Thursdays: Moesha

In my head, the 90's gave birth to some of the BEST tv shows. One of them being Moesha, a teenage black girl growing up in the suburbs of LA. Moesha was played by singer the popular singer Brandy. The show started in 1996 and lasted until 2001. It followed Moesha from high school all the way to the college years.

The show featured many relatable characters like Niecy, Moesha's best friend, played by Shar Jackson, Dee, Moesha's step mother, played by Sheryl Lee Ralph, and many others.  She also had some love interests; Q, played by Fredro Starr, Usher, and even her annoying neighbor Hakeem. In the later seasons, Ray J was bought onto the show to play the role of Dorian, the troubled cousin.

The successful show The Parkers is a spin-off from Moesha. It was based off Moesha's quirky friend Kim that was played by Countess Vaughn.

All in all it was a great show that focused on heavy issues while keeping a clean and tasteful representation of middle class black families, their children, and everyday issues. Do you remember the show? If so who was your favorite character and favorite episode?

Here are some links to an episode labeled Labor Day Jammy featuring Dru Hill

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Amber Lee. said...

I totally loved Moesha. I remember when I saw Hakeem in real life before he passed. I screamed Haaaaakeeeeeeem and he burst into laughter. He was so cute and chocolate. But I thought the issues we're perfect for growing teens. Like you said it was one of those shows that was in a positive light that showed all black people aren't ghetto.

--I also loved a different world. The sole reason I went to a HBCU.

Amber Yum said...

A different world is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE SHOW OF ALL TIME!!! I don't know anyone that can not relate to at least one of the characters. I need for there to be a DVD of all the seasons. I have the 1st season but that one is so blah