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This morning on Twitter,  (rapper) Joe Budden and his girlfriend Esther Baxter(vixen/model) made it known that their relationship was over. The tweets exchanged between the two were very hurtful and probably truthful. From what I gathered, Esther was accused of having sex with another man while she was pregnant with Joey's baby. He proceeded to  post a Twitpic of her pregnancy tests and she retaliated by saying something about having "pics of abuse and death". Joe then said that he would post her naked pictures. Esther then mentioned taking the situation of "abuse and death" to court.

In this situation, these adults acted like children. Obviously someone was hurt and lashed out (I'm going to point at Joe) by trying to make the other feel their pain from the breakup. I have never experienced a messy break-up or ever threatened outing information that my significant other told me in confidentiality.

It seems as if now, more than ever before the airing out of your ex's dirty laundry on social networking sites is the ULTIMATE means of healing, but at the cost of your ex's embarrassment. So, back to Joe and Esther, Joe has previously done this with his ex girlfriend Tahiry. Knowing his past, should Esther have even got into a serious relationship with Joe?
Let's say you are interested in someone and you discover that they have a vengeful personality, would you continue seeing them? Or, let's say that you found yourself in Esther's position (not to imply she's the victim), how would you respond and react to your ex's insolence? Lastly, do you retaliate after a bad break up?


Xay B. said...

Retaliate or not. The idea of saying that both were immature is right but irrelevant. One of the biggest parts about growing up is finding out how "un-adult-like" adults acts.

In case of breakups. You couldn't ask for a better scenario.

Monique said...

I look forward to the day people learn not to handle their personal business on social sites. Then again, as long as social sites around, this will never happen.

Their situation was a mess. They have easily done that on the phone. Now I see both of them as idiots.

Amber Lee. said...

The funny thing (not really funny) is that Joe always lashes out via twitter. He did it with the breakup with Somaya. Posting pictures and text messages on twitter. He is a childish ass man. I couldn't be involved with someone who lashes out and throws me under the bus with personal information. That's far from cool in my opinion.

Amber Yum said...

Yes! @Amber I totally forgot he dated her too. His choice in women is just bad... but then again they say you attract what you are

Thanks for the comments @Xay B. and @Monique

kesha ka$h said...

I agree w/ yall social networks are NOT the place for that! Joe is very childish and esther is tacky for twitpic'n the pregnancy test! Pump pump pump it uuuuuuup