torn in between the two..

It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return, but what is the most painful is to love someone and never find the courage to let the person know how you feel.” Unknown

here i go again like Trina said. Im still torn in between the two like letoya.. but im ready for love like india.. but this one may have to wait until my next lifetime like erykah.. why is it no matter how many faces i can put in his place .. one simple text message can make him seem like prince charming. he can simply text hey and i'll be on a natural high. ugh this really makes no sense what-so-ever... ughhh lord please let me get over this dude. (switch roles) i honestly think he cares.. but his head isnt in it like mine was. the funny thing is it started off that way. it was him who tried to talk to me. i wasnt feeling him. haha. i just wish i could wake up and all our memories we had together were erased. like i got amnesia and he never existed. sounds far fetched but im serious!
** random** my ex called AGAIN last night. sayin hey.. {i was sleep} he asked when can he accidently run into me again. i dont understand. we havent been together in 4 years! havent seen him in 2. he has a girlfriend and a baby. what the hell does he think we about to be. he better kick boulders.
** im mad tired today. i just wanna crawl in my bed, watch a movie and sleep. lol seriously. but its way too pretty and hot outside. sleep is the cousin of death. i gotta live.

well peace and love people until next time!