Summer Summa sumah time

happy 1st of the month. its finally June. it seems like May rushed by so swiftly. I had a okay weekend. Things didnt go as planned.. we had a really bad storm Friday night so going to see Sex in the City and the club was cancelled. We basically chilled.

Saturday.. me and my bestfriend went shopping ALLLLL day long... before coming to a hault when she locked her keys in the car for the 4th weekend in a row. lol We also went out to broad ripple. lord knows what i would do without my fake id. die probably.. being 20 sucks sooooo bad .. im too old to party with the under 21 crowd (esp when they are alcohol free) and "too young" to party with the over 21 crowd.. so eff that.. i party with em anyways.. =) .. my ex boyfriend popped up at my house on Friday.. almost forgot.. that was the weirdest shit ever.. NOTE: I havent seen this nigga in two years.. haha that was random.. then he called Friday two time.. im like niggga.. what are u on? you have a baby now, and a longterm girlfriend.. kick rocks.. i know the old sayin is true.. "you never know what u have until its gone" but dude im long gone.. get over iT!