Sex in the city

Happy Friday!! Geez this has been the longest week ever. im a party pooper now with this job. so i've been trying to hangout. it really isnt working. i hung out with my cousin and his friends on wednesday night.. didnt get home until 3am. ughh had to be up at 6am for work. soo not cute. lol but i did have fun.

Im so geeked about today. Im going to see Sex in The City with my besties.i see everyone all of a sudden jumpin on the SJP bandwagon. its coo tho.

im in a very mellow mood. i've been writing poetry like crazy. trying to get material together so i can record a cd!! Please pray for my mind. Im trying to give yall so sick lines. its hard and challenging but worth it.

im praying for the world to change.. just like john meyer.. haha honestly its soo much imitation, hating, violence and corruption its hard trying to stay focused.

Until Next Time.. have a blessed weekend loved ones!