Theres some hoes in this house

Technically.. if your sexually active and have had more than one sex partner.. please believe someone can/ have/ or will call you a hoe. Some people do it out of pure ignorance

wdf is a hoe anyways

no names mentioned. a girl i know has sex with nuuuuuuumerous guys. she said. hey i like sex and i like having sex with different people. i get an adernaline rush when its with someone new... new or old partner i always protect myself.
shes comfortable with her sexuality.. why call her a hoe.

sex is just sex... right???
i mean yeah u can get all bibilical but how many of us really waited until we were married like we were supposed to. so lets throw that out the window.

i dont think u have to be in love, or a relationship to have sex with someone.
no strings attached is the best.. in my opinion. yes feelings can generate but if its a mutual agreement from jump then no feelings can get hurt

i still cant grasp why its coo for niggas to fuck everybody and their grandma's neighbor but we cant.


Kingsmomma said...

There is nothing wrong with being liberal with sex. I think what gets most peopls labeled as a hoe is the fact that they the,selves aren't comfortable in doing so. teh casual sex isn't for me but for those who do it i say ajust do it responisbly. For me a how is a state of mind. One can be very sexually active and conduct themselves in a classy manner.
It's all in the way you carry yourself.

Amber-Alert said...

words like hoe, tramp, and slut need to be deleted from our vocab. if a person is ok and doin them then let them do it...who are we to judge!!! i just hate when ppl are like oh shes a slut shes had sex with x amount of ppl...makes no sense to me!

Kingsmomma said...

I agree but there are some instances where it fits, even if the person is okay with it. i:e you have fraternal twins with 2 different fathers....

Bombchell said...

the double sided thing is messed up. but damn their some guys i remember from college that everyone called hoes, that boy slept with almost everything that had 2 legs.

personally Ive had friends with people that slept around, they were good people and it was cool, however it was messed up when she'd go after someones boyfriend just for sex. that made her kindof a _ _ _ (shrugs)

Sexxy Luv said...

I agree with you 100% I just say strap that shit up when you doin the do!

Video Vix[o]n said...

real talk, men can be "hoes" too, but our pride doesn't want us to admit it. the double standard thing is only there as a shield for us dudes that do the do a lot...

as long as you protecting yourself, do the damn thing... my opinion, out.

Velly Vell said...

well personally i dont want to look at a female as "tarnished" aka she fucks many people.

thats not sexy.