i am obviously slippin. i been busy doing other things and haven't taken the time out to blog.. my bad!!!!

soo much to say.. i have like 8 minutes to write.. soo ill make key points

  • im going back to alabama a&M. im like 70% certain.. a bunch of b.s. but oh well.
  • half of me want to meet new ppl. alabama was good while it lasted, but i hate being a quitter.
  • new car.. uh oh.. a little geeked too. my dad said i can get a new car. so now im car shopping
  • roomies w/ kia? hopefully yes! i was debating between spruce and kia. but spruce had other plans so whatever.
  • holding grudges?? im over it.. so YOU need to just let it be. what is there to talk about? you were a good friend but i know u can never forgive me so dont front and pretend you can.
  • im going nuts without talking to my bestfriend Ashley W. she understands me the most. keep ya head up love.
  • crushin.. uhhhh he is just sooo fine and seems so right.. lol too bad he is in another state. shhhhhit!
  • seeing sounds by nerd pushin it cd it great. plies okay.. i havent heard all of wayne yet. heard bad reviews though.