Ray Allen.. i used to wanna have ur babies.

happy tuesday...
its game day.. game 3 of the lakers and celtics game.. the lakers are going to win.. duh. they have home court advantage too. so it a wrap. im not on anyones bandwagon. but ray allen used to be one of my favorite players. i do think KG, Pierce and Allen deserve a championship behind their belts. but those are 3 power houses it should be no way kobe could win anyways. but kobe is going to show out tonite. i really dont care who wins. i dont have a fav. nba team. i prefer college basketball and nfl football. so until football season starts.. all i can say is may the best man win!
plies and weezy f baby.. dropped their albums. im geeked.
today has been real mellow. i havent done shiiit. i been chillin all day.
i really dont have much to blog about. so go cop that carter III. peace out.