chop chop chop.

i been crazy late. i havent blogged since thursday. im real trifilin i know.
i have been contemplating on some things.. new car, switching colleges etc. my head is over congested with thoughts. i cannot wait for the carter III and plies new cd. i didnt wanna be a sell out and do the hood boot legged thang. my home boy has convinced me to start buying cds so thats what im on. my cd game is out of wack though.

weekend blues.. i lost my debit card... and my car started messing up sooooo this has been a bad week already and its only MONDAY!!!!!

i cut my hair this weekend. im not really feeling it. i always have these random ideas in my head and then go through with them without thinking about it. im not tripping because it is just hair but idk

lol im laughing right now at my stupid ass best friend ashley. she sitting here TRYING to dance to david banners song (stuntin is a habit) she is soooo silly.


  • i want a new tattoo. matter of fact i want 5 of them. i want to get them all at the same time and get them over with.
  • i need a new celluar device.. i wanna switch from sprint to t-mobile
  • i dont want or need a boyfriend.. i just need a new friend

well god bless ppl. love and live to the fullest. dont hold grudges. and tell someone u love them!