am i cinderella or what?

Carpe Diem!
im currently at work. im so ready to go home. this has been a long effin day.. so far! im so pissed too. yesterday my dad randomly told me he was going to nyc. okkay why on earth would they not ask me to go. (they = him and his ugly fiance) And he wonders why i act so distant. i really feel like he has no true meaning in my life except the fact he puts a roof over my head. i really dont have to live with him but they only reason i do is because im the only one who actually does LIVE there. i may sound like a little brat.. but im hurt. okay most of there trips are to stupid places.. saint louis, chicago, detroit, gambling boats (places i've been too 1000 times or dont care to go to.) but NEW YORK?!?! Like come on dude. Thats the top 5 places to go... im majoring in fashion! ugh im pissed.. enough venting about that!
Nothing special has really happened in the last 24 hours. lol so i shall return.
*bumpin that solange* its kinda coo. i can dig it.
go check out!! its hot =)