eff the police

So i def. quit my boring ass job yesterday!!!!
mistake.. maybe?
taking initiative.. yes!!

ugh i really dont care. i mean yeah i need the money.. but i was over that job.
i didnt talk to anyone there fareal. i never really cared for the police anyways. haha

Now here i go again.. job searching. this shit is whack as crack.!! i hate it. but a girls gotta do what shes gotta do. i told Ashley T. yesterday.. at first she was all mad because that meant no black arts. i really do wanna go.. i need a VACA but whatever. i was looking forward to seeing some ppl. but then again i would of been too drunk to remember. lol but we are considering going to the taste of chicago. idk though. its not that fun anymore. i mean i can chill out and listen to bands all day.. but i know ashley wont be down for that. so idk. i know my dad is going so i might just go with him..

and im bored again.. i want a boyfriend (mood).. lets be real. i dont want a boyfriend i want someone to be there. someone who cares. someone who i like bein around. good company. eye candy too. thats all. i just need a real coo friend. im not feeling the whole ex situation. they are my ex's for a reason. i dont like the recycled boyfriend thing. thats sooo 2000. lol .

but i need to just progress forward.
i feel like everything is in slow motion around me. idk if im bitter or what but im off of damn near everyone. its old. i love everyone but im done caring.. (if that makes sense) ppl always nagging about stupid shit and staying in this negative light.. i have to do me. like fareal. AND indiana is NOT where its at!! i gotta get outta this place!

well peace and love. ttyl