my poetic posture

its like 5:30 in the AM. crazy. birds churpin. cant sleep. hearts weak. i felt like givin up last week.. but im rising higher then spaceships in a midnight sky. happy when i was by his side. going crazy cuz he got another lady.. [smile].. i never put it past him. that down south heat will make u go shady. the past is nothing but memories that need to be set FREE. im holding on to him in my head.. CRAZYYY. my poetic posture is as stiff as a concrete wall. hearts been crushed so much from catching all my falls. (dope line) .. so i write.. and here i stand. dreaming dreams. sleeping lightly. feet in the sand. my time is coming. dreams of stars. and fast cars. shiny objects wont get u far. money makes the world go crazy. drugs make us die. killing each other.. always tryna be fly. sit ya ass down. little boy with broken dreams. bashing his sisters cuz their hearts fein. wanted to love. never knew how. so i said fuck it. and live this lifestyle. putting love to the side. never knew why. here i stand and still i rise.
--that seriously came of the dome. -- idk .
Famous Some day- Kiddo Aj. {peace and love}
I.M.E.N.A. = DREAM .. follow them!