i know this guy who knows this girl who knows this guy..

Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot, Text messages, Phone calls, aim, email, drive bys.. BASICALLY people have too much access to me these days. Lets go back to the message in a bottle days..

I can say how im feeling on here (blogger) because friends will take it out of context and run with it.. same for twitter.. i really dont put much on facebook anymore & i deactivated myspace months ago. our generation has gone technology crazy! i need a break from it all. i love twitter but its going to get old soon until something else pops up. but i've never been the type to hold back how i'm feeling.. no matter who it is..

Friends: (its seriously a word) it means nothing. Friends are there for that second and that moment. None have proved themselves to be life long. They come and go like the wind. I dont put anything past anyone anymore.. they are who they are and i am who i am. love it or leave it. Im just sick of the pettiness, the arguments, the bickering.. its all old. im sooo tired of it. i find myself drifting further and further away. it shouldnt be that way.. but it is. i trust very few. im down for being coo but lets not put labels on things, wdf is a "best"friend anyways. We are all sinners and will all do each other wrong somehow someway. im tired of the 3rd, 4th and 5th chances. its all old. people never change. shit maybe im the one who will never change. im running away from the negativity. so if your positive you will still be in my life.. if not (snip-snip) im cutting u out of it!

Thats how im feeling.. i've been doing alot of journal writing. ive been thinking about making my blog private. if u already follow me.. then coo. if u dont then u wont be able to see it. what do u think?


Dope Fiend said...

They come and go like the wind."

PERSONALLY i think you speak truth, but I also know that the pessimst in me always expects people to leave, so having that bit of knowledge ingrained in me preoares me for that time.
its like self preservation.

I dont like to get too close or emotional, because i'm a sensitive mofugger.

To be honest it makes me feel bad when i think, well he/she gone f up sooner or later, when all they're doing is being nice to me. but even then, I think its all some super conspiracy like "what the f you want from me, why you being so 'NICE'"

I got issues wit people. do you got issues with people? lol

☆αmbєr said...

girl i dont like people. hahaha what do u mean?

Dope Fiend said...

LOL!!!! SNAP!!!!

(vixenchick) said...

i agree. just let me keep reading your blog if you make it private, please and thank you.



Shyne said...

I agree with you. I have very few friends that and been there through and through and I hate that a lot of ppl call me bro, but it's something I just say ya know. Ppl getin way to comfortable because if I call someone fam [!I DEFF MEA IT!] In my life I've never been close to my real fam seein as I live in SC and they're in NYC so i began to adopt, LoL! But like I said I guess ppl have taken me using the word "bro" in the wrong light. But idk about the private thing...what good would that do you??