WWYD Wednesdays

I met this sexy, tall,  dark chocolate complected, guy while shopping downtown a while back. He told me that he thought I was beautiful and would like to get to know me. While I continued to chit chat with this handsome man I noticed that he sometimes stared at the people that pass by, but I don't trip because I'm just meeting him.  We exchange numbers and tell each other that we will call and part ways. Later that night I get a call from him asking me on a date. I agree to meet him the next afternoon for a nice walk in the city and all is well. His conversation is amazing and I love the fact that he is into me and wants to spend more time with me

Date #2 fell on the following day for a spontaneous "go with the flow" type of outing. We hit up an exhibit at a design school and talked about fashion and culture. We left the exhibit and decided to get some coffee and cupcakes. Before we left the exhibit he talked to some of the female designers/artists and I sat back and listened to them talk for about 10 minutes then finally, we left.  While walking, I noticed that he started to look at other women and he did not have my undivided attention. Once again, I don't make a big deal about it because this is only date #2 and I've only known this guy for 3 days. However, when we got in line I asked him about his favorite cupcakes and he didn't hear me because he was turned away from me talking to 2 women in line behind me about another bakery. I turned around as well and tried to join in on the conversation but I was ignored. After we left the bakery I asked him "what was that about?". His response was something to the effect of  "I don't know what you are talking about and what did I do wrong?" I told him that I noticed that he is extra friendly with women and they seemed not to care that I was standing right there with him while all this flirting is going on.

Would you go on another date with a man with a wandering eye?  Is date #2 too soon to determine if this guys has a problem with staring at other women? Where do you draw the line for friendly and flirtatious?


Monique said...

That's strange. I could see if he was trying to sneaking peeks but you are literally staring. No. I'm on a date with you and should be the center of your attention. I wouldn't have a date #3.

Amber Lee. said...

I agree with Monique. We have that intuition you know if something isn't right. I mean he could just be flirtatious but it obvious bothers you.. so just keep on a friend level I wouldn't make anything out of that situation.