..I want at least 6 inches

I am a sucker for Christmas time. I love the ambiance, Christmas trees, bright lights, snow, jam packed malls, Christmas movies and Motown Christmas carols.  I low key listen to Christmas music all year around though. I love everything about Christmas. Everyone seems happier.

Since a kid I always wrote long  detailed Christmas List and give them to my dad. I'm still a kid at heart. So the simplest things make me happy.
I went back to a post from 2008 I wrote and laughed, I actually asked for a boo. Honestly all I ever want for Xmas is to be surrounded by family, close friends with good wine and food. Oh I want at least 6 inches of snow ONLY on Christmas day.

Considering I am getting older my gifts become more expensive and I get less of them. Man what happened to waking up to a new bike every year? I used to drool over mine bc it was impossible to go ride it in the snow. I remember I used to collect all this expensive ass American Girl Doll stuff way back in my elementary school days. Now all I want is money, and gift cards. As old as I am my grandma and step mom still try to buy me clothes. Its so annoying.With that said here my 2010 Dear Santa:
-A new cellular device.
I'm over the blackberry.
-A northface coat
I hate heavy coats but these light jackets and cute peacoats aren't doing it for me
-A new laptop or computer. 
I got my computer in 2006. Its time for an upgrade.
- A new camera
My digi has been abused. I'm embarrassed to bring it out.
-Gossip Girl and Glee full seasons
yes I'm a geek.
-Someone to sponsor my shopping carts
Melody Ehsani, Asos, Urban Outfitters and French Connection. 

Honestly that's it. I have everything I want/need. 


Kimberly Michelle said...

This post is real.

I love Christmas, but I would love it even more if it was a 'white' one.

And about the gifts: that is so true, I don't even know what I really got the last 3 years. Nothing that I asked for. If I wanted it, I got it for myself and didn't ask anyone for it. So I got little things here and there. But honestly, just being with family, made me not even realize the gift part. =))

.. BUT I do think I need to make my list.. asap.