Dear B.E.T.

Dear Black "Entertainment" Television,
    This is my letter of concern. We all know how you like to replace popular shows and host for malarkey. On January the eleventh day of 2011 your company will be airing the popular sitcom, The Game. I am simply expressing my concern since this is now one of my favorite sitcoms. All I can ask is that your company keeps the vision and the plot going in the same directions. I say this because on the promo "Girl Melanie" looks like a hooker with a pound of make up and hair attached to her head and "Kelly Pitts" looks quite hood with her hair cut in her "sistah girl" style. My stomach already turned when I heard the 106 & Park host Terrence J will be a character on the show. I'm nervous for the initial outcome of show seeing that I'm not a big fan of the production of  bet shows. Since the network cancelled Free and AJ, midnight love and comic view I rarely watch the channel that entertains black folks. I just ask that you do the show justice.


         A concerned cable citizen.

-PS TT better be on there too! He is one of my favorite characters



Anonymous said...

Girlllllllllllllll say it.
They bet not fuck that show up

Cash said...

C'mon cancelled Free and AJ, Midnight Love and Comic View!! Ahhh the memories!

Amber No Rose said...

yes those were definitely the days... when bet had a meaning.