Jay Z concert

Last Thursday my home girl Ashley and I traveled to the University of Illinois to see none of than Mr. Hovie Baby.. (jay z) in concert. it was the best night of my life.

we had great seats. center 8th row.
before the fucking thing started i lost my batteries to my camera and i wanted to cry. luckily ash had hers.

first up. Jcole. i am in LOVE with this man. both looks and lyrically.
when he came to the stage.. it was hardly anyone there. I started screaming when he came out and go up dancing and rapping along with him. he was looking dead at me. i was melting. he's so fine and so talented. i cant wait for his cd.

then wale came out.
attention deficit just dropped last Tuesday so i was very excited to see him live.
he had the crowd super hype.. running out to the stands and dancing with his fans.

up next... n.e.r.d. if u haven't seen them live you MUST. they are so life. hype and full of life. they had everyone hype and jumping up and down. they told girls to come on stage. i guess no one got that memo because me and ashley jetted out and up onto the stage. we danced around for about 3 songs until they kicked us off. pharrell and shay are sooo cute.

then..jay came. if u saw him on the fuse channel 9/11/2009 then u know how great of a show he puts on. it was damn near a replica of that performance. we were screaming to the top of our lungs belching out lyrics from all of his cds. he performed for damn near 2 hrs. he was live as hell. it was the best concert that we have ever been to and i cant wait to see him again in march.

ok so after the show i was in groupie mode to find j.cole. mission FAILED.
BUT we did follow some random black suvs. for a couple of blocks until we realized how crazy we looked.. so we stopped.

ohh yeah and i thought i saw wale so i attacked some random dude who looked like him from the back. nope it wasnt him. sooo funny.

great concert. great time. best night ever.


Amanda Allison said...

Best night of my life, too <3