hello lovers

my bad. i haven't blogged in a week or two. forgive me?
not much has been going on. i was in terrible need of some …… [since i dont have a bf you fill in the blank] so i've found myself real bitchie, moody & h-rny. but ya girl got some. so im greeeat.

oh today is going to be amazing. NOT ONLY am i about to see my future husband.. babydaddy JERMAINE "J-COLE" COLE but im about to see wale, N.E.R.D. (I heart them) And none other than SEAN CARTER, JAY Z, JAY, HOV, HOVA, HOVIE BAAAABY. IM GEEEEEEEEEKED. cant wait. anxious, nervous, excited, happy.. every freaking feeling is going through my body. when i see j.cole im going to die, when i see jay i will die again.

anywho my homie and i will be roadtripping to the university of illinois later today to see them. joy.
pictures, video, "groupie stories" coming soon.

i will be updating every second via twitter.

love you all.


Kingsmomma said...

damn im excited just reading this

have fun

☆αmbєr said...

wish u could of saw me
i was acting like i was on something