fallin in love aint shit.

You all know i'm a twitter junky. Fabolous tweeted, "Fallin in love is a gift & a curse.." I so agree. so this is what the post is based off of.

Lately I've been TRYING my hardest to open up and be nicer. I do know I push people away because I don't want anyone to get close to me and hurt me. So my mechanism is to push ppl away. Remember when Omarion made that song icebox? "I gotta icebox where my heart used to be" Yup thats me.
my motto not to expect shit from people so I wont be surprised when they lie, cheat and hurt me. might seem coldhearted but it works for me.

read my previous post on my outlook on love. but im not for it. i dont even like saying it.

but if you do fall in love its like be careful. soak up as much as you can because that shit wont last unless your both equally putting in the time for it to work. which 80% of the time isnt true.

its a curse because you simply end up hurt and confused.

as soon as you break up/ call it quits it jumps from I love him/her to I hate that bitch/nigga. So is it really love to begin with or a case of lust.
Alex I'll take lust for 300.

True love is something few ppl experience. If you experience it your lucky and dont take it for granted because its a drought out here.