Dear bloggers

Hey dolls. So I see LOTS of people coming to my page and you guys never say anything. I know some of my post can be long, but a simple hello or just stopping by can help. That's the only way I'm going to keep this page open. Since you guys did vote for me to. The people who comment always comment and I appreciate you tremendously. But those people can easily be added to my list once if I make my page private. I just have to know I'm writing for purpose. (feel me)

oh and before I if leave you have twitter make sure you
I've gotten to know so many of my blog family this way.

Well I hope all is well. Have a wonderful and safe weekend.

Love you all.


-P.S. I need to update my blog roll at the top of my blog. If you don't see your blog listed let me know. My memory sucks. Those are the blogs I read and comment on the most and I want to read everyones. I'm just forgetful. Don't sue me.


khaki la'docker said...

ugh- i know it sucks to see people coming by but not commenting. It's not you sometimes people just come to read... like they do newspapers or magazines. Dont take it as folks not feeling your work...

Reggie said...

I sent you a invite....

And if you go private, add me, I love this blog

I don't see my blog...

☆αmbєr said...

khaki- i've been blogging for a while.. but i cant say how i feel because ppl i know and sometimes want to blog about read my work. its alot more to it

Reggie. im sorry. your added love.