Dear Police,
how i love you. you risk your lives to protect the INNOCENT and you never racially discriminate on my fellow African Americans. your cooperating and helping and must i say assholes. Yup i said it. Two bitch ass cops pulled me and my homeboy over Friday night. i was driving his car because we had been drinking and he was wasted. any who i was being followed for a half of mile before they pulled us over. (my seat belt wasn't on and i was tipsy) dude looks shocked to see a female driving. first question was are there any weapons or drugs in the vehicle. (ummm whaaat) we say no. they're like are you sure. i say yes. then ask where are we going & coming from my friend answers. then tells me to get out. makes me take a sobriety test. yes little Innocent amber.
I IMMEDIATELY wanted to laugh because all i could think about was this video

(i posted this video on here last year)
But I was so confused & nervous. I was praying he wouldn't make me recite my alphabet backwards, lord knows i cant do that shit sober. But I had to follow a flash light (light the picture above) and the touch your nose extend your hand bs. I passed the test lord willingly. he then proceeds by saying i turned wide into the wrong lane. be careful. ummmm are you kidding me. we got pulled over for d.w.b. (driving while black) all the more reason to love them cherries & berries. :)
your the fucking best!

(via cell phone blogging, sorry for the errors)


Reggie said...

LOL!!!!! I am not a police lover as wellll.....Too many damn run ins!!!!!

Kimberly Michelle said...

Aww, creative post!

☆αmbєr said...

reggie i feel for you. your a black male so i'm sure. but i've never really been followed or anything. hell i used to work for them. i was shocked and pissed but thankful i passed that bitch

kim. girl its 100% the truth. i wanted to cry.