Birthday Bitch

If someones your "friend" must u argue and fight with them all the time? Nawww probably not. I dont consider someone like that a true friend. yes we might disagree but ALL the time and over the most PETTY shit.. thats just crazy

heres the story

a "friend" and i werent talking because of some petty shit
we started conversing again ONLY BECAUSE something terrible happened to a mutual friend of ours. so within this week i guess we were on somewhat of good terms.
the following week was her birthday. She really didnt tell me much.. the night before her 21st. we were going out to celebrate she wanted to be in the club at midnight. plan FAILED. it was raining cats and monkeys outside and god was in heaven taking pictures.. so the club was no longer a go.. in my opinion .. long story short. i wasnt going.. she had her roommate call me from her phone and ask me to drive 20 minutes out of my way to get them and take them to the club basically so i can be their designated driver.. ummmmmm wdf do i look like a taxi cab. i said no.

next day (her actually bitch day)
i received a text saying be at the restaurant at 7pm.
okay cool. thats all i knew.
i went to the restaurant late about 8:40 ish. because i didnt plan on eating
plan failed again.. she wasnt there.
i call her. she has an attitude (hear it all in her voice) saying she wasnt there yet. its damn near 9.. so im like wdf.. glad i didnt show up at 7pm i woulda been mad.
she arrives ..doesnt speak.. im like okkay wdf.. her entourage is all dressed up.. im in jeans. so i clearly was out the loop. i ask so whats going on tonight. her friend says.. were going to some cigar bar afterwards.. yup still out the loop. im like ill pass. was supposed to go out with her.. but was like fuck it. dont wanna deal with attitudes i wanted to ENJOY my night. so i did.
we havent spoke in 2 maybe 3 weeks. its a never ending cycle of pettiness. ive been the bigger person on each occasion and called to squash the dumb shit.. but im over it. i dont even know why i wrote a blog about this shit. im watching a movie and the same situation kind of went on.. so i was like well i can understand.

moral of my story.. be careful who you call your friend. some people are genuine some arent.


Sexxy Luv said...

@ 28 I really have no friends, I have my best friend who is of the opposite sex and 2 females that I'm cool with but I have no expectations of them so it is what it is with us.

Video Vix[o]n said...

that friend of yours seem more like an acquaintance... i learn that lesson "semesters"...

riva. said...

i can't take too much of the petty female ish...thats why my friends are my journals lol.


Velly Vell said...

i think thats something that females do... you never really hear 2 dudes on some shit like that lol

i have a female friend just like that ...well HAD.. i cursed her out the other day and told her to go fuck herself.

Amber-Alert said...

bitches do the most and i am just sooooo over it man!!!

Bombchell said...

lol LOVE the heavens taking pictures.

well real talk, yall dont even sound like you like eachother. no need wasting time being friends, just cool it off, the petty things add up, and you stop liking each other.

get some distance, space, and perhaps slowly yall will tolerate eachother again :)

☆αmbєr said...

thanks for understanding everyone

riva i like that. my friends are my journals

what happened to life long friends. pshhhh its near impossible. we evolve and change too much to expect everyone to change with u is near impossible -- right?