Girlfriend number 2?

This post was inspired from my homeboy Velle He asked.. "does any female have a problem being 'girlfriend number 2'?" So i answered it for you hoes.. Yes.. Females have a problem. Personally I dont, but thats only because i act real niggerish. But Females are too damn emotional to be on the sideline. At first they will be coo acting like its nothing but if yall fucking around for awhile feelings will appear eventually. Although u get all the perks as if your his "main chick" The reality is your NOT and never WILL BE. SoOoo hell naw no gf's number two. And Pleasure P got all yall niggas running around fucking other niggas bitches thinkin the shit is coo. Alot of mofos are gonna get shot this summer.. thats all i can say. And bitches if do have a boyfriend number two lets protect ourselves. Wrap that shit up.. dont let bf number two burn ur ass .. then bf number 1 get it and fuck around and kill your ass too. I mean everyone cheats or has cheated -- dont get me wrong, but dont go around searching for titles "girlfriends, boyfriends" to boost your ego. when in the long run your not ready for commitment.


Amber-Alert said...

LMAOOOOOOO @ someone is gettin shot this summer!!!!! u funny! i think for men and women that shit only works for a while and then something is bound to pop off/fizzle out!