Everyone Plays Em

Remember the Backstreet Boys Song, "Quit Playing Games With My Heart" ???
if not refresh yourself & listen here Anywho so thats how im feeling right about now. Im soooooooooooo sick of the games. We all say, "i'm not with the games" but then again we ALLLL play them. Example:
the rule before calling a person the first time
playing phone tag on purpose
playing hard to get
acting like u dont want to have sex knowing u do
acting like ur not sprung when u are..
getting a text from a person that u CLEARLY know who it is ..yet u text back "who is this" just to be difficult
erasing (he/she's) number out your phone so u wont be tempted to call since they made u mad..
GAMES GAMES GAMES GAAAAMES AND the list can go on for days

Were all guilty somehow.
I know I can play some of them from time to time. but its sucks when im serious and tired of the run around. sometimes i need a straight forward get to the point type of guy. (which are so hard to find btw) This guy has been getting on my laaaaaast nerve lately. He's playing some tick for tac type of shit which is so uncooool and childish. he texted me trying to see me. heres the convo word from word

KG: Is like 7:30 or 8 ok?
Me (at 5:16pm) yeah thats coo
Me (at 8:45) Niggas be prankin smh
KG: lol...im not prankin i swear.. was watchin playoffs (so was i btw) .. y u gotta be so ugh! (wdf is ughhh??) where u at?
*note everything in parenthesis is what i was thinking ^^^^
Me: im done playing with u. So its coo
KG:No u not done wit me
Me: Okkkay im not. lol
KG: Im serious
Me: Me too
KG: Now im confused.. u r done or u aren't
Me: nigga its pointless. Were obviously never going to see each other. So why continue to play around. im done.
KG: Yes we are.. i take blame but u forgot about me for a loooong time and finally u wanna see me... but i'm not playin or nothing swear
Me: Ur clearly on one my dude
KG: can u stop actin like that!!!
Me: how am i actin? REAL? im not with the games. So whatever
KG: ur being mean when u seriously know i wanna fuck wit u.. im not playin games and i'm glad ur not either so i dont want it to b like this

i didnt say shit back.. wdf? first u play me.. stand me up.. then act like a bitch and beg me to talk to u. ummmmm naw im good.. im damn near 22 and hes damn near 24.. im coo off the games. its a whirlpool of getting nowhere. i know yall feel me. And how the hell was i being mean?? stupid mofo's..


Dope Fiend said...

girl i know what you mean. I quit wit the games long time ago.

If i wanna do or say something imma do it. if i wanna call or text him, imma do it. i dont care anymore. Lifes too short...but so is my attention span so i might as well do it there and then. lol

☆αmbєr said...

i knew if anyone would understand it would be u.

dudes kill me. its too many games.. like u said my attention span is too short for the b.s.